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The Manage Subscription Page is where your customers can manage their subscription(s) all on their own, including updating their billing information, subscription intervals, product quantities, and the ability to pause or cancel their order.

The Manage Subscription Page is fully customizable from the app admin under Settings > Manage Subscriptions Page. You can adjust the language, change the styling, or create your very own page using our API documentation.

It is important to note, however, that using our API documentation requires significant knowledge of web coding and is only available on the Advanced plan of Bold Subscriptions V1.


Please note that this article only relates to Version 1 of Bold Subscriptions. If you have Version 2 of Bold Subscriptions installed on your store, please visit Subscriptions V2 Overview.

If you are unsure of which version of Bold Subscriptions that you have currently installed, please visit Bold Subscriptions V1 & V2 Comparison.




Shopify customer accounts must be set as Optional or Required before proceeding with this article. Please visit Shopify Account Settings for more information.

The Manage Subscription Page requires an installation of Liquid code in order to be functional. Please visit Step 4 from our Installation Guide for Bold Subscriptions for more information.

Once the Liquid code has been installed, a link to the Manage Subscription Page will be displayed on the Shopify customer account page.

Manage Subscription Link on Account Management Page



Step 1: Add Manage Subscription Link to Thank You Page

  1. From within Bold Subscriptions V1, select Settings, then Display Settings.
  2. Under Select the page to customize, choose the Thank You Page option.
  3. Copy the URL (YourURL/tools/checkout/front_end/login) to use in other locations.

    Note: Replace YourURL with the URL to your store.

    Copy the Link

  4. Enter Manage Your Subscription in the page editor where you would like the link to appear.
  5. Select the Insert/edit link button.

    Select Insert/Edit Link

  6. Paste the URL you copied in step 3.
  7. Select Ok.
  8. Select Save.



Step 2: Add Manage Subscription Link to "Upcoming order (to Customer)" Email

  1. Continuing within Bold Subscriptions V1, select Settings, then Email Notifications.
  2. Next to Upcoming order (to Customer), select Edit.

    Select Edit

  3. Deselect the Check if you DO NOT want to send an email checkbox to enable.
  4. In the email editor, enter the text Manage Your Subscription where you would like it to appear.
  5. Select the Insert/edit link button.
  6. Paste the URL you copied in step 8.
  7. Select Ok.
  8. Select Save.



Step 3: Enable "Manage Subscription Order" Email

  1. Continuing within the Email Settings in Bold Subscriptions V1, next to Manage Subscription Order, select Edit.

    Select Edit

  2. Deselect the Check if you DO NOT want to send an email checkbox to enable.
  3. Select Save.



Step 4: Add Manage Your Subscription Link to Storefront Navigation

  1. Select Online Store.
  2. Select Navigation.
  3. Select the Menu to which you would like to add the link.
  4. Select Add menu item.

    Select Add Menu Item

  5. Under Name, enter Manage Your Subscription.
  6. Under Link, paste the URL you copied in step 1-3.
  7. Select the URL.
  8. Select Add.
  9. Select Save Menu.

Step 1 of this section enables the Manage Subscription Page and its features. If you're looking to customize the Manage Subscription Page or allow your customers to access the Manage Subscription Page, this area needs to be enabled.

Step 2 of this section allows you to enable the newest version of the Manage Subscription Page. The newest version of the Manage Subscription Page offers new features that are not currently available on the first version, such as a new interface and allowing customers to pause / resume subscriptions


Manage Subscription Page V1

Manage Subscription Page version 1

Manage Subscription Page V2

Manage Subscription Page version 2

If your store is on the Advanced plan, you can apply your own custom Manage Subscription Page in the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin under Custom Manage Subscriptions Page.

Advanced Plan MSP

Bold Subscriptions V1's Language Settings allow you to review and adjust all of what's displayed to your customers, including the Manage Subscription Page.

The Language Settings uses variable tags to automatically display the order information for your customers.


[product_title] displays the name of the product.

[discount_percentage] displays the subscribe & save discount percentage.

[amount_discounted] displays the product price minus the subscribe & save discount.

[frequency_num] displays the numerical value of your order frequency intervals.

[next_ship_date_mdY] displays the next order date in month-day-year format.

Sections of the Language Settings can be erased if you do not want the text to be displayed at all.

Bold Subscriptions V1's Display Settings section allows you to customize the look and feel of your subscriptions. Here, you can change the colours of buttons, text, and even add in your own custom CSS code.

When selecting each button class input field, a preview of the button will appear under Element Preview:

Display Settings Button Classes

The Manage Subscription Page is where all of your active subscribers can view and edit their subscriptions.

Your customers can remove products, add products, swap products, edit their billing information, edit their shipping information, and more, all from the Manage Subscription Page.

The Manage Subscription Page can also be customized to notify you, the store owner, whenever a customer changes their subscription. You can enable this from within the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin under Settings > Email Notifications.

You can also manually view a customer's change-log from within the app admin under Customers. Simply search for the customer you want to view, select Edit, then under Actions, select View History:

View History Customer Note Example

Manage Subscription Link Directs the User to the Login Page even if They're Logged In

If a customer attempts to open the Manage Subscription Page but is being directed to the login page even though they're already logged in, this is usually because of a domain name setting.

If this is happening, you will need to use a different URL for the Manage Subscription Page other than what is shown in Bold Subscriptions V1, as well as change the URL behind every Manage Subscription link.

  • Current URL:
  • New URL:

To fix this issue, please follow the steps below.

  1. From the Shopify admin, select Online Store.
  2. Select Navigation.
  3. If Manage Your Subscription appears in one of the menus listed, select the menu title.

    Select the Menu Title

  4. Under Menu items, next to Manage Subscription, remove myshopify from the listed URL.

    Remove .myshopify from the listed URL

  5. Select Save menu.
  6. From the Shopify admin, select Online Store.
  7. Select Actions.
  8. Select Edit code.
  9. Under Templates, select customers/account.liquid.
  10. Review the URL shown under the line {{ }} If it contains myshopify, remove it from the URL.

    Update URL of Manage Subscription Page

  11. Select Save.
  12. Change the URL in any other places the Manage Subscription link appears.



Manage Subscription Link doesn't go to the Login Page

When a customer clicks on the link to your Manage Subscription Page and isn't immediately brought to the Manage Subscription Page, this likely means that you don't have Shopify customer accounts enabled.

Please visit Shopify Account Settings for more information.

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