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Please note that this article only relates to Version 1 of Bold Subscriptions. If you have Version 2 of Bold Subscriptions installed on your store, please visit Subscriptions V2 Overview.

If you are unsure of which version of Bold Subscriptions that you have currently installed, please visit Bold Subscriptions V1 & V2 Comparison.


The Manage Subscription page is an area within your customers Account area that allows them to make changes to their subscription order. This includes updating their billing information, subscription intervals, quantities, and the ability to pause/cancel their order.

This area of your store is fully customizable. You can adjust the verbiage used within this area, change the styling of the buttons, or create your own page using our API documentation


Using our API documentation to create a custom manage subscriptions page requires significant knowledge of web coding and is only available with our Advanced plan, or higher. Please visit Change Price Plans in Bold Subscriptions V1 for more information on how to upgrade your plan tier.

To make adjustments to this section, open the Bold Subscriptions V1 app and navigate to Settings, Manage Subscription Page. From here, you will see the options for General Settings, Language Settings, and Display settings.

This help article will help you understand and set up the Manage Subscriptions Page on your store.

Please select a dropdown option below to view more information on the setting:




Before proceeding further, accounts must be set as either optional or required in your Shopify admin in order to see the account management page of your store. Please visit Shopify Account Settings for steps on enabling Shopify accounts on your store.

The Manage Subscription Page also requires a liquid code update in order for the link to appear on the account management page of your store. Please visit Step 4 on the Installation Guide for Bold Subscriptions article for steps on adding this liquid update to your theme.

Once the liquid code installation has been completed, a Manage Subscription Link will be present on the account management page: 

Manage Subscription Link on Account Management Page

If you would like to get full advantage of the Manage Subscription Page, the following optional steps below can help with promoting the Manage Subscriptions Page for your store!



Step 1: Add Manage Subscription Link to Thank You Page

  1. From within Bold Subscriptions V1, select Settings, then Display Settings.
  2. Under Select the page to customize, choose the Thank You Page option.
  3. Copy the URL (YourURL/tools/checkout/front_end/login) to use in other locations.

    Note: Replace YourURL with the URL to your store.

    Copy the Link

  4. Enter Manage Your Subscription in the page editor where you would like the link to appear.
  5. Select the Insert/edit link button.

    Select Insert/Edit Link

  6. Paste the URL you copied in step 3.
  7. Select Ok.
  8. Select Save.



Step 2: Add Manage Subscription Link to "Upcoming order (to Customer)" Email

  1. Continuing within Bold Subscriptions V1, select Settings, then Email Notifications.
  2. Next to Upcoming order (to Customer), select Edit.

    Select Edit

  3. Deselect the Check if you DO NOT want to send an email checkbox to enable.
  4. In the email editor, enter the text Manage Your Subscription where you would like it to appear.
  5. Select the Insert/edit link button.
  6. Paste the URL you copied in step 8.
  7. Select Ok.
  8. Select Save.



Step 3: Enable "Manage Subscription Order" Email

  1. Continuing within the Email Settings in Bold Subscriptions V1, next to Manage Subscription Order, select Edit.

    Select Edit

  2. Deselect the Check if you DO NOT want to send an email checkbox to enable.
  3. Select Save.



Step 4: Add Manage Your Subscription Link to Storefront Navigation

  1. Select Online Store.
  2. Select Navigation.
  3. Select the Menu to which you would like to add the link.
  4. Select Add menu item.

    Select Add Menu Item

  5. Under Name, enter Manage Your Subscription.
  6. Under Link, paste the URL you copied in step 1-3.
  7. Select the URL.
  8. Select Add.
  9. Select Save Menu.

Step #1 of this section enables the Manage Subscription page and its features on your store. If you're looking to customize this section, or allow your customers to navigate to this area - this area will have to be enabled.

Step #2 of this section allows you to enable the newest version of the Manage Subscriptions page. The newest version of the Manage Subscription page brings some new features that is currently not available on the first version, such as a new slick customer facing interface and allowing customers to pause/resume subscriptions

The two images below are examples of the Manage Subscriptions page while on Version 1 and Version 2. The first image is Version 1 of the Manage Subscriptions page and the second image is Version 2:

Manage Subscription Page V1 Manage Subscription Page V2

Under Custom Manage Subscriptions Page, you can apply your own custom Manage Subscription page. If your store is on the Advanced plan, you will be able to add a custom URL to the Custom Manage Subscription Page area and activate this feature.

Advanced Plan MSP

Within the Language Settings tab, you are able to review all the selections that are displayed to your customers within the Manage Subscription page of your store. When selecting each line, you are able to make any necessary adjustments to the language presented.

In this section, there are variable tags that will automatically display order information for your customers. For example, [product_title] will display the name of the product that your customer has ordered for their subscription.

Certain sections within the Language Settings can be erased. This will result in the text option also being removed from the Manage Subscription page as well. For example, within the General Language area, if the Skip Order text is erased completely, then your customers ability to select this option will be removed when making changes to their order.

Skip Order Section Manage Subscription Page

In the Display Settings section, you can change the primary, secondary and alert button classes to match a different button class on your theme. You can also use a completely new class name for the each button, allowing you to apply custom CSS to each button from scratch.

When you select each button class input field in this section, a preview of the button that you are changing will appear under the Element Preview category to help you identify which button class you are changing:

Display Settings Button Classes

The Manage Subscription Page is where all active subscribers can access to view/edit any active subscriptions they have on your store.

Customers have full range of removing products, adding products, swapping products, editing billing or shipping information of the subscription, etc:

Manage Subscriptions Page Example

When a customer changes any information in the Manage Subscriptions Page, an email notification can be sent to the "Bold Notifications Email" that is inserted in Bold Subscriptions V1 in Settings, Email Notifications. A Customer history log will also be stored in Bold Subscriptions V1 for each customer's subscription to help you identify what day and time changes were made by each customer: 

View History Customer Note Example

There can be times that the Manage Subscription Page may not load correctly when selected on the account management page. Please see some common issues that can occur with the Manage Subscription Page with steps on how to resolve these issues:



Manage Subscription Link Directs the User to the Login Page even if They're Logged In

If the customer selects the Manage Subscription link and is being directed to the login page, even though they are already logged in, it's usually because of a domain name setting. If this is happening you will need to use a different URL for the Manage Subscription Page than what is shown in Bold Subscriptions V1.

  • Current URL:
  • New URL:

To fix the problem you will need to change the URL behind every Manage Subscription link.  

For steps on fixing the URL in a few common places, please follow these steps:

  1. From the Shopify admin, select Online Store.
  2. Select Navigation.
  3. If Manage Your Subscription appears in one of the menus listed, select the menu title.

    Select the Menu Title

  4. Under Menu items, next to Manage Subscription, remove myshopify from the listed URL.

    Remove .myshopify from the listed URL

  5. Select Save menu.
  6. From the Shopify admin, select Online Store.
  7. Select Actions.
  8. Select Edit code.
  9. Under Templates, select customers/account.liquid.
  10. Review the URL shown under the line {{ }} If it contains myshopify, remove it from the URL.

    Update URL of Manage Subscription Page

  11. Select Save.
  12. Change the URL in any other places the Manage Subscription link appears.



Manage Subscription Link doesn't go to the Login Page

The Manage Subscription Page is linked to Shopify customer accounts. Your customers log in to their account in your store and have a "Manage Subscription" link available to them by default on the account management page.

When a customer selects this link, they are directed to the Subscriptions customer portal as expected. If you don't have customer accounts enabled in Shopify, this will not happen.

Please visit Shopify Account Settings for detailed instructions to enable this feature.

When accounts are either set as optional or required in your store, customers can register for their accounts as well as login and manage their subscription.



Next Steps

Once steps 1-3 have been completed, it would be best to ensure each email and page shows the Manage Subscription Link correctly by purchasing a subscription product on the storefront. Please visit Create Test Orders with Bold Subscriptions V1 for steps on placing a test subscription order. 

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