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Discount Code Types & Setup

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This article outlines the many different types of discount codes Bold Subscriptions V1 offers, as well as how to set them up. You can create specific conditions and requirements to help prevent discount codes from being abused by your customers.

Discount codes created through Shopify cannot be used in the recurring checkout. In order to avoid this limitation, we recommend recreating this discount code inside of the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin with the same name.

With subscription-based discount codes, you can incentivize your customers to purchase a product as a subscription instead of a one-time purchase. This can be especially helpful during events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


This article is relevant to Version 1 of Bold Subscriptions. If you have Bold Subscriptions V2 on your store, please visit Discount Codes in Bold Subscriptions V2. If you are unsure which version of Bold Subscriptions you have, please visit Identify Your Version of Bold Subscriptions.



Standard discounts are the most common type of discount code you can offer with Bold Subscriptions V1. Standard discount codes can be used on the initial purchase of a subscription product, or be applied to a customer's existing subscription.

Standard discount codes include the following discount types:

  • Get X amount / percentage off of your first order
    • "Subscribe & Save 25% off your first order!"
  • Get X amount / percentage off of a specified amount of orders
    • "Subscribe & Save 15% off of your first 3 orders!"
  • Get X off When Purchasing Over Y Amount
    • "Save 25% with purchases over $80!"
  • Free Shipping




  1. From within the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin, select Subscriptions, then Discount Codes.
  2. Select Add a discount code.
  3. Enter a Discount code in all caps and no spaces (IE. SPRING).
  4. Under Discount Type, select Standard Discount, Cancellation Discount, or Bulk Discount Group.
  5. Under Discount Offer, select $ CAD, % Discount or Free Shipping.
  6. Enter the Take or Free Shipping Amount value.
  7. Select the Off for or And applies to value (if applicable).
  8. Select the applicable settings and limits for this codes usage.
  9. Select Save.

Once a discount code has been created, you can either apply the discount code to a customer's subscription or your customers can apply the discount code on the Manage Subscription Page.



Get 100% off your first order

If your subscription service is new and you're looking to promote it, you can offer your customers a free first order. You can also use this type of discount code for trial-sized products, or subscriptions that offer a free product with purchase.

This type of discount code can only be applied to a customer's order within the recurring checkout. It is not compatible with existing subscriptions.


Set the discount type to % Discount, with 100% off all orders. Then, ensure that the option for only valid on the initial subscription order in the checkout, not existing subscriptions is checked off.

This setting ensures that the 100% discount code can only applied to the customer's initial subscription.

You can specify which product(s) you want this coupon to apply to so it will only take 100% off of the product(s) you have on promotion, or apply it to all of your product.

You may also set an expiry date if it's a limited time offer.



Get 50% off your First 2 Orders

This type of discount allows you to provide customers with a percentage-based discount that only applies to a specific number of orders within their subscription.

The percentage and the number of orders can be adjusted to whatever you would like to display in your campaign.

Note: If a customer purchases two subscriptions and apply the same discount code to both, it will only count as one use and they'll lose the discount they would have otherwise gotten on their next subscription order.




  1. From within the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin, select Subscriptions, then Discount Codes.
  2. Select Add a discount code.
  3. Under Discount Type, select Standard Discount.
  4. Under Discount Offer, select % Discount.
  5. Under Take, enter 50%.
  6. Select if you would like this to apply to All orders or Orders over a certain dollar amount.
  7. Select if you would like it to apply to all products, or specific products.
  8. Select Start and end date if applicable.
  9. Under Limits and Restrictions, select Limit the number of times each customer can use the discount code to 2.

    Note: Whenever a discount code is used that has the option of limits the usage per customer, your customers will be required to add an email address in the checkout before the discount code is able to be used.

  10. Select Save.



When creating a discount code, select Free Shipping as the Discount Offer in order to create a code for free shipping. Free shipping can be offered to both new and existing subscribers.

These types of codes can be specific to a country, where you can specify which shipping rates you want it to apply to by cost.

You can apply a free shipping discount code to all of your customer's subscription orders when How many orders can this discount code be applied to per customer? is unchecked. You can otherwise check this off to specify how many orders you would like to apply free shipping to.



Bold Subscriptions V1 allows you to create and offer discounts to customers that purchase a certain amount of product. This is a great way to incentivize your customers to buy more.

Minimum Purchase




Select the checkbox next to This discount requires a minimum purchase, then enter a minimum order value.




When using the minimum purchase feature with prepaid subscriptions, the discount can only be applied to the product price and not the total prepaid amount. Purchase requirements for this type of discount are unable to include the quantity for the amount of prepaid subscriptions being purchased.


If a subscription costs $100.00 and your customer purchases a 12 month subscription, their order price will be $1,200.00.

In this scenario, having a minimum purchase amount of $1,000.00 will not work for this order because it has to be applied to the regular product price of $100.00, not the prepaid amount.



Discount codes created in Bold Subscriptions V1 can be created in bulk and exported via CSV file.




  1. From within the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin, Discount Codes.
  2. Select Add a discount code.
  3. Select Bulk Discount Group.

    Bulk Discoun Group

  4. Enter a Discount code name (IE. SHIPFREE). This should be in all caps with no spaces.
  5. Select a Discount Offer
  6. Enter the Take value and select an off for value.
  7. Enable the checkbox next to This discount requires a minimum purchase. (optional) 
    • Enter the minimum amount.
  8. Under Coupon Format, select either Series or Random.
    • Series - Creates discount codes in a sequential numerical order starting from 001, 002, 003, etc.
    • Random - Creates discount codes using random letters and numbers at the end of the code, making each discount code more unique and not easily guessable by customers. 
  9. Under Amount of Codes to Generate (Max 5000), add a maximum number of codes. 
  10. Enter a Start and End date for the discount group. (optional)
  11. Select the restrictions you would like to apply to the bulk discount group.
  12. Select Save.

To view the contents of your bulk discount group, select the uses link under the group discount, as seen in the screenshot below.

Bulk Discount Group Example

The uses link allows you to:

  • View each discount that's been generated within the bulk discount group.
  • View the amount of times each discount code's been used
  • Disable and delete discount groups.



Effective Dates

Adding a start and end date to your discount code allows the code to only be used within a set timeframe.

This feature is useful when offering limited or promotional type discounts for events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.



Limit number of discount code use

Each discount code can have a pre-determined limit to the amount of times it can be used in total. This can be limited for either an individual customer, or all of your customers.


If you set a limit of 50 discount codes and 3 customers have applied the discount code to their initial subscription purchase, 3 out of 50 discount codes have been used.

Setting a total limit for a discount code is commonly used in contest promotions where you're offering a discounted subscription for X amount of orders. 



Limiting number of discounts for each customer

Similar to the total limit feature, you can limit the amount of discounts each customer can use. This feature prevents customers from using too many discount codes by verifying your subscriber's email addresses that are associated with their account(s).


If you want a discount code to only be applied to a customer's first 3 orders, a limit of 3 will need to be used.

Using an order limit is commonly used during the early stages of subscriptions where you are offering a "Purchase subscription and use Y discount to get the next X amount of orders off" type of promotion. 



Only valid on initial subscription

Only valid on initial subscription allows you to restrict discount codes to only being used on the customer's initial (first) order. This allows you to run a promotion that targets new subscribers and prevents existing subscribers from using the code.

Note: Whenever a discount code with limits the usage per customer enabled is used, your customers will be required to add an email address into the recurring checkout before the discount code can be used.