Bold Upsell Overview: Offers

Upsell gives you the ability to create a variety of custom offers to help you increase your average order value. This article will help you understand the different types of offers you can create in Bold Upsell, as well as provide some insight Upsell's functionality and features.

When you're ready, visit Create an Upsell or Cross-sell Offer.




Upsell displays an offer product to your customer within a pop-up window. This happens when your customer has a trigger product in their cart, meets all applied conditions, and then activates the trigger event. Each time Upsell displays an offer to your customer it is counted as one view.

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To determine when Upsell is activated you will need to choose a trigger product and an offer product. You can set up Upsell to trigger on a specific product, a single variant, a collection, or your entire store.

For example, if your customer adds a coffee blend to their cart, you might want to offer coffee filters as this would be a good match to this purchase. In this case, the trigger product would be the coffee, and the offer product would be the coffee filters.

The trigger event is determined when setting up your offer. You can decide if you want the offer to be displayed when your customer selects the add to cart button, the checkout button, or after they have completed their purchase in the checkout, such as when using the Shopify Post Purchase feature. When the offer is triggered a window will pop up to display your offer product(s).


When an upsell or cross-sell offer is activated in Bold Upsell, the Add to Cart button on the product page, or the Checkout button on the cart page, is hidden and replaced with a duplicate by Upsell. This duplication allows Upsell display the pop-up offer window when the button is selected by your customer.

Upsell's optional conditions give you the ability to limit when your offer is displayed, such as a during a specific date range or based on your customer's cart value. This is helpful if you want to create a special offer for your customers during a special event, or only after they spend a certain amount.

When using a date range condition, the Upsell offer will automatically activate itself once it reaches the start time, and then automatically deactivate itself when it reaches the end time. 

When applying a cart value condition, the Upsell offer will be displayed only when your customer has reached the minimum amount in their cart.


Whenever an Upsell offer is shown to your customer it is counted as a view whether your customer accepts the offer or not. The amount of views available for your store is dependent on your plan.

Upsell will continue to show your offers as long as your customer has the trigger product in their cart and they activate the trigger event. Offers will stop displaying once Upsell detects that your customer has added the offer product to their cart, or your plan runs out of views.

You can increase your plan to get more views at anytime. The view count will reset to zero on the first of every month.

When creating your offers, you can activate a couple of additional options. You can choose to have the product image or title within the Upsell window link to the product page, or hide offers for products that are out of stock.


It's important to note that the stock setting in Upsell will override your inventory setting in Shopify. If you prefer not to sell your products when out of stock, you will want to be sure to turn this setting on. 



Offer Types

A true upsell offer usually offers a product upgrade, and are often a higher-priced version of the item customers are looking to purchase. 

Upsells will replace an item in a customer's cart. Your customer will see a Replace Item button within the upsell offer. This text is customizable within Upsell's settings.


The Breville Standard product is set as the trigger product, and the Breville Premium is set as the offer product. If a customer selects the Replace Item button in the upsell pop-up modal, Breville Standard will be replaced with Breville Premium.

Upsell offer

Cross-sells are offers that get added alongside products in a customer's cart. These items are often complementary to an item that a customer has just added.

Your customer will see an Add to Cart button within the offer window. This text is customizable within Upsell's settings.


There are 3 different cross-sells available to choose from in this offer. If any of them are added by the customer, the trigger product - along with the offer products selected - will be added into their cart.

Cross-sell Screenshot Example




Upsell works with Shopify's checkout to give you the ability to create post-purchase cross-sells. You can also offer a discount with this type of offer.

If your customer accepts the offer, it will process in the same transaction as the original purchase without the need for your customer to re-enter their payment information.


A Shopify Post Purchase offer with a discount.

Post Purchase Upsell


Bold Cashier no longer available for installation via Shopify. If your store has installed our Bold Cashier app prior to January 20th, 2020 - you will be able to continue using this feature.

Bold Upsell works in conjunction with Bold Cashier to give you the ability to create Upsell After Checkout offers. You can also offer discounts with this type of offer.

These offers are presented in Cashier's checkout after the customer has completed their order. If your customer accepts the offer, it will process in the same transaction as the original purchase. Your customer will not need to re-enter their payment information.


Cashier is able to hold the customer's billing information for up to 5 minutes. If the customer does not accept the offer within this timeframe, they are not able to receive the additional item(s).

Bold Upsell gives you the ability to create funnels for your offers. Funnels let you set up multiple offers to show additional items to your customers after the initial offer has passed. You can customize the funnel flow dependent to whether your customer accepts or declines an offer.

Funnels can display a maximum of three separate offers, however, once a customer declines an offer in the funnel process, it will only display one more offer and then stop. This means if they decline the first offer, only one more offer will be shown.

View this diagram to understand the funnel offer flow: Funnel Diagram

All offers in a funnel can be cross-sells, however, only the initial offer can be an upsell.


Here's an example of a funnel that begins with an upsell type offer: 

Funnels Widget GIF

Learn how to Enable Upsell Funnels.

  • If you have Bold Discounts V1 Integrated with Upsell to create discount offers, it's not recommended to use these discounted products within a funnel. Doing so may allow your customer to remove the trigger item and still receive the discounted product.
  • If multiple funnel offers are triggered at the same time, Upsell will display the most recently modified offer. This means that the last saved funnel offer will show to your customers if they trigger multiple funnel offers at once.



  • Upsell offer types are not available on before checkout or Shopify Post Purchase trigger events. You can create cross-sell offer types on these trigger events.
  • Bold Upsell is unable to discount your product offers for add to cart and before checkout events. Only Shopify Post Purchase offer products can be discounted. If you'd like to discount your product on other events, you can integrate Bold Upsell with Bold Discounts V1. For more information, please visit Bold Upsell: Bold App Integrations.
  • Trigger products cannot be the same as the offer product when creating a before checkout trigger. This is because Upsell will not display an offer if the offer product is already in the cart.
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