Bold Upsell Overview: Offers

This article will explain the different types of offers you can create in Bold Upsell: upsells and cross-sells. Depending on which you select, it will either replace a specific product in your customer's cart, or add it alongside the trigger product.

Upsells are offers that will replace an item in a customer's cart. These products are often a higher-priced version of the item customers are adding, or an upgrade to what they are purchasing. 


A customer has added a 1-pound bag of coffee to their cart, triggering an upsell offer. The offer is to purchase a 2-pound bag of coffee instead, for only $3 more. If they accept this offer, the 2-pound bag of coffee will replace the 1-pound bag.

Cross-sells are offers that get added alongside products in a customer's cart. These items are often complementary to an item that a customer has just added.


A customer has added a bag of coffee to their cart, triggering a cross-sell offer. The offer is to purchase a pack of coffee filters. If the offer is accepted, both products will be added to the cart.




When an upsell or cross-sell offer is activated in Bold Upsell, the Add to Cart button on the product page, or the Checkout button on the cart page, is hidden and replaced with a duplicate. This duplication is needed in order to allow the upsell pop-up modal to appear when selected by a customer.


After an upsell offer has been activated, a pop-up modal will appear when the customer adds the trigger product to their cart. If they accept, the offer will replace the trigger product with the offer product that was set in the upsell offer.

This is how an upsell offer will appear on the storefront:

Upsell Screenshot Example


The Breville Standard product is set as the trigger product, and the Breville Premium is set as the offer product. If a customer selects the 'Replace Item' button in the upsell pop-up modal, Breville Standard will be replaced with Breville Premium.


When a cross-sell offer is enabled in Upsell, a pop-up modal will appear, suggesting the customer adds it to their cart as well. If accepted, the offer product will not replace the trigger product, but rather be added to the cart alongside it.

This is how a cross-sell offer will appear on the storefront:

Cross-sell Screenshot Example


There are 3 different cross-sells available to choose from above. If any of them are added by the customer, the trigger product - along with the offer products selected - will be added into their cart.




Individual Variants

Using Upsell, you're able to separate your trigger product or offer product into a specific variant, rather than an entire product and all of its variants. Read more about this when creating an offer.


Upsell after Checkout


This offer type requires Bold Cashier to be set up and enabled. At this time, Bold Cashier is unavailable for installation via Shopify. This is due to the re-evaluations and restrictions created on payments being processed by third-party checkouts on their platform. If your store has installed our Bold Cashier app prior to January 20th, 2020 - you will be able to continue using this feature.

Bold Upsell works in conjunction with Bold Cashier to give you the ability to create Upsell After Checkout offers, as well as Buy One, Get One offers that you can offer after a customer has gone through the checkout process.

These offers are presented in Cashier's checkout after the customer has completed their order. They're then able to accept the additional (discounted) product(s) offered to them and have it process in the same transaction as their main purchase, without re-entering their payment information.


Cashier is able to hold the customer's billing information for up to 5 minutes. If the customer does not accept the offer within this timeframe, they are not able to receive the additional item(s).

Upsell Funnels

Bold Upsell gives you the ability to create funnels for your offers. Funnels let you set up multiple offers that show additional items to your customers after the initial offering.

The next offer in the funnel will show if the customer accepts any of the products in the previous offer. Customers will always see the first offer in the funnel, regardless of whether or not they accept the initial offering. However, once a customer declines an offer in the funnel process, it will only display the next funnel offer to them before stopping.


For those using the Upsell & Discount V1 integration: Offered products discounted by Discounts V1 in a Funnel may allow the customer to remove the trigger item and still receive the discounted product.

Select Funnel Diagram below to see a diagram of the funnel offer flow:

If multiple funnel offers are triggered at the same time, Upsell will display the most recently modified offer. This means that the last saved funnel offer will show to your customers if they trigger multiple funnel offers at once.

Funnels created as an upsell offer will use only the initial offering as a true upsell. This will replace the customer's selected product with the one they select in the window. Every offer after that in the funnel will act as a cross-sell and will add the additional items to their cart.

Funnel offers can be created while you're setting up an upsell or cross-sell offer; there's just a few additional steps needed to create the offer flow.

Here's an example of a true Upsell Funnel:

Funnels Widget GIF




  • Upsell offers cannot be created on Before Checkout offers
  • Discounting offer products cannot be applied through Bold Upsell for Add to Cart and Before Checkout type offers. Discounting offer products on these offer types requires Bold Discounts V1. For more information on how to integrate Bold Upsell and Bold Discounts V1 together, please visit Bold Upsell: Bold App Integrations
  • Trigger products cannot also be set as the offer product
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