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Bold Discounts: Discounting Information & Overview

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Discount groups are created in Bold Discounts to apply discounted rates to products on the storefront. Discounts can be created on your site using a specific list of products, specific variants for products, collections or the entire list of products on your store.

You can discount items that are selected in a discount group by a percentage, amount off, or by setting a fixed price for each product.

Products can be placed in multiple active discount groups and receive the best discount on the storefront, rather than receiving a stacking type of discount.




When a discount group is activated, the Price is reduced on the storefront only, using a backend connection API. The original price is not changed at all in your Shopify admin.

Note: If the Admin Price Sync feature is enabled and the discounts are enabled in Bold Discounts, the price of the product within the Shopify admin is reduced. When the sale is over, the prices revert back to the original amount.

The discounted prices of your products are shown on your storefront on all sections, such as the product page, collection page, search page and home page.

If a product is being discounted only from the connection API, a Draft Order is used to apply the discount in the checkout page, whereas if the Admin Price Sync has been enabled, users are directed to the Shopify checkout and no draft order is required.




Products can be added to the discount group manually one product at a time with all of the variants selected or by one variant at a time, or in bulk by selecting a collection or by selecting the entire store.

Discounts can be set by either applying a percentage base discount, set amount off the product price or by changing the product price's to a set fixed price.

If you are using a percentage based discount or a set amount off calculation type and have products that end in different cents, you can apply an override setting to have all products selected in the discount group to end at the same cent value.