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Convertible Subscriptions

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Convertible subscriptions allow you to sell a subscription that automatically switches your customer's product out between their first and second subscription order. Your customers will have the option to subscribe to a single product and automatically receive a different product on their second order.

This feature allows you to create unique subscription campaigns and even integrates with our Subscription Discounts (both standard and dynamic), allowing you to offer different savings on both the initial and recurring product.

You can use this feature to:

  • Upsell a subscription.
  • Convert a trial-sized product into a full-size subscription item.
  • Offer an introductory subscription box that automatically transitions to the regular product.

And more.

Even if your subscription model requires an initial fee, you can achieve that with the use of two differently priced products.

Please visit our convertible subscription demo to view more information.



Best practices

Using convertible subscriptions may require a bit more explanation than your typical subscription model. Below are a few tips and tricks you can use to make your store's expectations clear.


1. Utilize your Shopify product description

The Bold Subscriptions V1 widget that appears on your product page is great for adding information about your subscriptions. To better explain how the subscription will change in the future, it's a good idea to make use of your Shopify product description.

Make sure to explain the details of your convertible subscription(s) and make sure it is clear what your customers options are for their first and second orders.


2. Be strategic with your product images

This will depend on what type of products you are selling, but don't be afraid to incorporate your convertible subscriptions into your product's images. Outline your pricing in a way that may provide a small preview image of the subscription product that they will be expecting.


3. Enable the Upcoming Shipment and Manage Subscription Order emails

Depending on the time between your customer's first and second orders, your customer might need a little reminder of what to expect. Bold Subscriptions' email templates are fully customizable and can provide vital information on how your client can manage their subscription.

These email templates can be found within the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin under Settings > Email Notifications.

The Mange Subscription Order email sends a notification after your customer has purchased their first subscription purchase. When enabled, your customers will be notified on where they can go to sign up for a Shopify customer account on your store.

The Upcoming Shipment email sends a notification before your customer's next charge date. This will remind them what product(s) they are to expect next. You can choose how many days before their order date this email will get sent out, giving your customers ample time to make adjustments to their subscription product.

They may need to adjust their product quantity, swap the product, or even reschedule their order date. This is a perfect way of letting them know not only that they can do these things themselves but how to do it and providing a link to your Shopify login page.



Create a convertible subscription

Convertible Subscriptions are not available if your store is on Recurring Cart Mode. To review this information, please go to Subscriptions > Cart Mode within our app.

  1. From the Shopify admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Subscriptions V1.
  3. Select Subscriptions,  then My Subscriptions.
  4. Select Create Subscription Group.
  5. In Step 1: Select Subscription Type, enter an Internal Subscription Name, and then select Convertible.
  6. In Step 2: Select Products, under Initial Purchase, select Select Products.
    For this step, you will be adding the products that you would like the initial subscription to apply to.
  7. Under Recurring Product, select Select Products.
    This step will allow you to choose which products will be offered after the first purchase.
  8. In Step 3: Select Intervals, you will have two options:
    1. Let customer select order interval
      This option allows you to create set intervals between each of your customers orders. For example, if you select 2 Months, your customers orders will always generate every second month. You could also set a maximum amount a customer can select for intervals.
    2. Set a fixed order interval
      Under orders will process every, enter a number. Select Day(s), Week(s), Month(s), or Years(s). This will allow your customer to have a choice in the widget on the product page to select how often their order generates.

      Note: If you create a fixed order interval of 3, then it allows your customer to select between 1, 2, or 3 months between orders.

      You can only select one fixed order interval frequency. This means that if you wanted to offer a fixed bi-weekly interval and a fixed monthly interval on the same product(s), you would need to create a variant for each frequency in your Shopify admin and then set those variants in multiple subscription groups.

  9. Under the Recurring options, you will have the option to select between Subscription and one time purchase, or limiting this product to a Subscription only.
  10. Under Maximum Subscription Length, you will be able to select between not having a limit on your customers subscriptions, or to Set a max number of recurring orders.
  11. Under Minimal Fulfilled Order Requirement, you can choose to not allow cancellations for the subscription until a certain amount of orders are fulfilled.
  12. In Step 4: Offer a Discount, you can choose to offer the same discount on every subscription order, or offer different discounts on initial and recurring orders.

    Note: Only a percentage discount can be applied for dynamic discounts. If you are uncertain of what discount percentage to use, you can determine the discount percentage using the following percentage calculator tool.

  13. Select Save.