Prepaid Subscriptions


Bold Subscriptions allows you to give your customers the option to prepay for their orders. This provides you with a unique way to offer your subscriptions for a set number of orders up front.

There are tons of reasons why customers may be inclined to prepay for a subscription instead of paying monthly. Often, prepaid subscriptions are offered at tiered discounts which gives the subscriber an incentive to prepay for longer periods. Customers will also not have to worry about payment disruptions that could potentially delay their order from getting back to them.

This feature works with the Single, or Multiple cart modes.

Setting up your subscriptions as prepaid will also allow your customers to purchase your products as a Gift Subscription. This can also be seen with the Prepaid Subscriptions Demo page.



Gift Subscriptions

Enabling gift subscriptions shows a checkbox on your product page asking your customers if they are purchasing this product as a gift. If selected, they will be prompted for the recipient's shipping address. When enabling this setting, the subscription will expire at the end of the prepaid period even if you have the prepaid setting to continue to charge after a specific number of orders.


How it Works:

Customers will be given the option to prepay when viewing the subscription product on your store. This image is an example of how this would look on your Shopify product page:

Gift Card Subscription

If the customer chooses to prepay, they will be brought directly to our subscription checkout to purchase. The Shopify cart will not be involved in a prepaid or gift purchase.

It will take the cost of the product, any applicable shipping charges, and multiply it by the number of orders chosen along with any applicable taxes.

Once this order is placed, you will see an order generate in Shopify with the full cost of the order

Instead of choosing "No limit", which is used for non-expiring subscriptions, choose "Set max numbers of recurring orders to".

You can insert as many order lengths as you like, and optionally offer a % based discount to each length. You can have them expire or auto-renew at the end of the subscription period. Gift subscriptions will expire at the end.




To set up your prepaid and gift subscription options, please follow these steps:

  1. From within Bold Subscriptions, select Subscriptions, then My Subscriptions.

  2. Select the ellipsis next to the subscription group you would like to make a Prepaid or Gift Subscription.

    Select the ellipsis
  3. Select Edit Subscription.
  4. Scroll down to Maximum Subscription Length.
  5. Select "Set the max number for recurring orders to" and enter length options.
  6. Select Allow customers to prepay for subscriptions. It should look something like this:

    Select allow customers to prepay for subscriptions

  7. Enter a number of orders you would like to offer for prepayment. You can add multiple options for your customers.
  8. Enter a % off incentive for prepaying (optional).
  9. Choose whether the subscription renews or ends after the pre-paid subscription is over by either selecting Continue charging or Expire
  10. Select Make these products prepaid only (optional). 
  11. Select Make prepaid subscriptions always expire if you want all pre-paid subscriptions to always expire once each pre-paid subscription ends (optional). 
  12. Select Allow gift subscriptions? to allow gift subscriptions (optional). 
  13. Under "Minimum Fulfilled Order Requirement", select Customers can cancel after at least X orders and enter a minimum order amount. This prevents customers from being able to cancel the subscription until a certain amount of orders have been generated on your store.

    Note: When using the Minimum Fulfilled Order Requirement feature, we recommend updating your Terms and Conditions to reflect this information.

  14. Select Offer the same discount on all orders  if you want to offer an additional discount and enter the discount amount (optional).
  15. Select Save.


Next Steps:

  • When a pre-paid subscription is set to start, you will be able to view the subscription widget on the product page. It is important to test it before allowing your customers to subscribe; this will ensure it is set up to your specifications. Please visit Create Test Orders with Bold Subscriptions for steps on placing a test subscription order.
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