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Build-A-Box Subscriptions

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Build-a-box subscriptions allow your customers to pick and choose exactly what they want to receive on every order, and can offer a selection of items at a set price. This feature is only available on the Advanced plan of Bold Subscriptions V1.

Upgrades to the Advanced Plan now requires authorization from our Customer Success team. If you're interested in upgrading to the Advanced Plan of Bold Subscriptions V1, you can get in touch with our team here.




Build-a-box requires the use of two sets of products:

  1. A Shopify product (or variant) that is the box itself.
    • This is where the purchase process initiates.
    • The listed price of the box is the recurring fee that your customer will pay.
  2. A selection of Shopify products that make up the contents of the box.
    • The prices of these products do not matter - only the product title, description, and imagery are used by the Bold Subscriptions app.

When a customer visits your build-a-box's product page, they will see Select Choices instead of Add to Cart. This is expected when using build-a-box.


Select Choices Subscription Widget Example

When selecting Select Choices, your customers will be taken to a new page to select their subscription box choices.


Build a Box Selections Proxy Page

On this page, your customers will be able to view and select your store's products. The quantity tracker will appear in the top right hand corner, as seen in the screenshot above (8 Selection(s) Remaining).

When your customers have finished selecting their products, clicking Proceed to Checkout will bring them to the recurring checkout where they can complete their purchase. The only product that will be in their order will be the box itself, which will get charged shipping and taxes.

A Shopify order will automatically be created for the box as the product, listing all of your customer's selections within the box. The products they choose will be listed as $0.00, and your customer will only be charged for the box product.





Build-a-box products are not compatible with the Recurring Cart mode.

With Multiple Products cart mode, a customer can only subscribe to one build-a-box product per checkout. They will be brought from the product page to the selection page before reaching the recurring checkout.

  1. From within Bold Subscriptions V1, select Subscriptions, then Cart Mode.
  2. Select Single Product or Multiple Products cart mode.

    Choose Single Cart or Multiple Products mode

  3. Select Subscriptions, then My Subscriptions.
  4. Select Create Subscription Group.
  5. Enter an Internal Subscription Name.
  6. Under Subscription Type, select Build-a-Box.
  7. Under Step 2: Select Intervals, select:

    • Let customer select order interval
      • This option allows customers to select the product's subscription frequency interval. The frequency intervals can be set to Days, Weeks, Months and Years, allowing customers to choose how often they want the subscription to renew again.
    • Set a fixed order interval

      • This option allows you to select a set frequency that the subscription will renew on. Similar to the customer select order interval option, you can choose Days, Weeks, Months or Years. If Weeks or Months is selected, you can also select which day of the week or which day of the month all customers recurring orders are generated on. 

        Note: You can only select one fixed order interval frequency. This means that if you wanted to offer a fixed bi-weekly interval and a fixed monthly interval on the same product(s), you would need to create a variant for each frequency in your Shopify admin and then set those variants in multiple subscription groups.

  8. Select Subscription only.

    Note: This is the only selectable option in this case.

  9. Under Maximum Subscription Length, select either:
    • No limit - the subscription will continue until it is canceled or;
    • Set max number of recurring orders to - lets you specify how long the subscription will last. Selecting this allows you to add an ongoing option and to enable customers to prepay for subscriptions if selected.

      Note: Prepaid and Gift options are not available for the Build a Box subscription type.

  10. Under Minimal Fulfilled Order Requirement, select:
    • Off; or
    • Customer can cancel after at least XX orders.
      • Enter a number.
  11. In Step 3: Build a Box Settings, under Lock time enter a number of Days. (optional)

    Note: Lock time is the number of days and hours before the customer's next order date when their selections will be locked down, and they can no longer edit their order.

  12. After Hours, enter a number (optional).
  13. After Lock after making new choices, choose Yes or No.

    Note: Selecting yes here would limit customers to one change between order dates.

  14. After Lock edits to orders more than, enter a number of days away.

    Note: This setting prevents your customers from making changes to any orders that fall within the number of days that you enter. For example, if this number is set to 10, your customer will be unable to make edits or changes to their subscriptions for a full 10 days before their recurring order is placed. This locks their order in to prevent any last minute changes.

  15. Select Continue.
  16. Under Product Labels, select Add Product Label.

    Select Add Product Label

    • Product Labels are used as placeholders for each option customers will get to choose from when building their box on your store. If you want customers to choose from between 10 products when they build their box, create 10 Product Labels.
  17. Enter a Product Label.
    • Product Labels help you identify which product that is going to be used for the label. It is recommended to add a label that helps you identify each label between each other to avoid confusion when removing a product that is assigned to a label in the future.
  18. Select Save.
  19. Repeat steps 16 - 18 until there is a label for each option available in the box.

    Create Labels
  20. Create Products or Variants for each box size offered.

    Note: If you have already completed this step, you can proceed to step 21.

  21. Under Box Sizes, select Add Box Size.
    Select Add Box Size
  22. Select Select Product.
  23. Select ADD next to the first box size product you created in step 22.
  24. Select Continue with selected products.
  25. Enter a number next to Limit the number of products in the box.

    Note: This is the number of products that are required for this box size.

  26. Select Save.
  27. Repeat steps 22 - 27 for each box size.

    Create Each Box Size

  28. Under Scheduled Assignments, select Create Assignment.

    Select Create Assignment

  29. Select a Start Date.

    Note: This is the date that your assignment will begin and become available to subscribers.

  30. Under Slot 1, select Select Product.
  31. Select ADD next to the product or variant to add.
  32. Select Continue with selected products.
  33. Repeat steps 30 - 32 for each product label.
  34. Select Save.
  35. Select I'm Done.