Inventory, Refunds & Cancellations Overview


Bold Subscriptions is an app that is packed with features that help with your inventory management, tracking, and adjustments.

All of the features below will help your store manage inventory, and how your customers can behave on your store in regards to refunds and cancellations. This will help with your reporting and analytics for your inventory, as well as managing your customers cancellations to allow them additional options on keeping their subscriptions active.

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Bold Subscriptions processes your orders through its own built-in checkout, and differently than your regular one-time Shopify orders. Since the payments received for recurring orders purchases goes through the payment gateway connected via our app, it will require a different refunding process.

At any time, your customers will be able to review the Manage Subscriptions page if enabled and stop their subscription. If you are looking to only allow your customers to have the ability to cancel their subscriptions after a certain amount of orders are processed, please visit our article on Minimal Order Fulfillment Requirements for more information.

If your customer cancels their subscription and would like their order refunded, please visit our article on Refunding in Bold Subscriptions for a step-by-step tutorial on completing this process on your store.



Inventory Management

When tracking inventory through Shopify, Bold Subscriptions will sync to the inventory numbers that are attached to your products. If your store currently does not track inventory on your store, then your orders will continue to generate - even if your products are out of stock.

Our Bold Subscriptions app also comes with the Inventory Forecasting feature. This helps with showing your store the stock that you will need within a specified timeframe, and will also predict what you will need on top of the scheduled subscriptions based on average sales.

This article will also go over our two tools built in to the app; Manage Deleted Products and Update Product Pricing. This will help with ensuring that any of the products you are managing through Shopify match your subscription settings.

For more information, please visit our Inventory Management in Bold Subscriptions article.



Dunning Management

Bold Subscriptions offers a few different options to help manage situations on your store in regards to transactions failing. You're able to customize your dunning process in a way that will aim to reduce the number of subscription cancellations you receive due to failed transactions.

When a customer's credit card is declined, an optional email will be sent out to the customer and store owner notifying them that the card has been declined. When receiving this email, your customer will be guided to the Manage Subscription page area to update their payment information.

From this area of our app, you can also set up a Maximum number of order retries, what happens when an order fails, or the numbers of days within payment retries.

For more information on configuring this area to your liking, please visit our Dunning Management in Bold Subscriptions article.


Cancellation Management

Bold Subscriptions has a built in "Cancellation Management" feature that helps with retaining your customers, and providing options that will keep them subscribed and satisfied.

This feature is available from the "Manage Subscription" page for your customers while they are logged into your store.

Subscriptions that are prepaid will not be able to follow the cancellation management flow if they are renewed or allowed to expire on their own. A customer must specifically cancel their subscription for this flow to be respected.

For more information on these settings, please visit our Cancellation Management in Bold Subscriptions article.

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