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Inventory, Refunds & Cancellations Overview

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Bold Subscriptions V1 is packed with features to help you with your inventory management, tracking, adjustments, and more.

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This article is relevant to Subscriptions V1. If you have Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout on your store, please visit Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout Overview. If you are unsure of which version of Bold Subscriptions you have, please visit Identify Your Version of Bold Subscriptions



Bold Subscriptions V1 processes your orders through its checkout called the recurring checkout. Because of this, the payments you receive for your customer's subscriptions will go through a third party payment gateway, which requires a different refunding process.

Your customers can review the Manage Subscriptions Page at any time to stop their subscription.

If you want to allow customers to cancel after a certain amount of orders have processed, please visit Minimum Fulfilled Order Feature in Bold Subscriptions for more information.

If a customer requests a refund, please visit Refunds in Bold Subscriptions for more information.



If your store tracks inventory, Bold Subscriptions V1 will sync your Shopify product's inventory and only allow subscriptions to be sold if they have ample stock.

If your store does not track inventory, your subscription orders will continue to generate even if your products are out of stock.

Bold Subscriptions V1 also comes equipped with Inventory Forecasting. Inventory Forecasting helps you manage inventory, including data on how much stock you need within a specified timeframe, and will predict what product(s) you need (which is both on top of your scheduled subscriptions and based on your average amount of sales).

Please visit Inventory Management in Bold Subscriptions for more information.



Bold Subscriptions V1 offers a few different ways to help you manage failed transactions. You can customize your store's dunning process to reduce the number of cancellations you receive due to failed transactions.

A notification email will be sent to both the customer and store owner whenever a customer's credit card fails. The customer's email will advise them to log in and access the Manage Subscription Page in order to update their payment information.

From Bold Subscriptions V1's General Settings, you can also set up a Maximum number of order retries, what happens when an order fails, and the numbers of days within payment retries.

Please visit Dunning Management in Bold Subscriptions for more information.



Bold Subscriptions V1 has built-in cancellation management to help you keep your customers subscribed and satisfied.

Your customers can manage and cancel their subscription from the Manage Subscriptions Page while they are logged into your storefront.

Subscriptions that are prepaid, however, will not be able to follow the cancellation management flow if they are renewed or allowed to expire on their own. A customer must specifically cancel their subscription in order for this flow to be respected.

Please visit Cancellation Management in Bold Subscriptions V1 for more information.