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Bold Subscriptions allows you to create discount codes that can only be used by customers that are purchasing a product as a recurring subscription. Discount codes created in Bold Subscriptions allow you to set specific conditions and requirements that the codes can be used, preventing a discount code from being abused by customers. 

At this time, discount codes created in Shopify do not work in the subscription checkout. You are able to create the same name of discount codes to work in both the Shopify & Subscriptions checkouts to ensure they are both valid, and do not interfere with one another. 

There are a lot of benefits to using discount codes within Bold Subscriptions. The main reason is to offer incentives to your customers with a discount when purchasing a product as a subscription. For example, "Subscribe & Save 10% off the purchase of this product!"

Discount codes are also great to use during promotional periods, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday to help drive in more subscription sales.

Learn more about all the different types of discount codes that can be created within Bold Subscriptions, and our recommendations for great ways to use these codes, here:



Standard Discount

Standard discounts are the most common type of code to offer within Bold Subscriptions. This discount type will often be used either on the initial purchase of a subscription product in the checkout page, or can be applied to your customers existing subscription.

This discount code type allows you to offer a set amount off a product, a percentage amount, or offer free shipping.

The most common promotional type of discounts are:

  • Get X Off Of Your First Order
  • Get X Off Of Y Orders
  • Get X Off When Purchasing Over Y Amount 
  • Free Shipping 
  • Buy X Products and Receive Y Off



Cancellation Discounts

Cancellation Discounts are only used for existing subscriptions and are only applied when a customer attempts to cancel a subscription. 

Cancellation Discounts allow you to offer a Loyalty type of gesture to customers looking to cancel a subscription. If the customer chooses a cancellation reason that involves the subscription cost, a cancellation discount can be offered to help lower the cost of the subscription. 

Cancellation Discounts are used are for cancellation reasons for existing subscribers, such as: 

  • Shipping is too expensive. 
  • Cost of subscription is too much. 



Bulk Discounts

Bulk Discounts allow you to create a bulk set of discount codes quickly rather than creating multiple discount codes one by one. 

Bulk Discounts can be exported in CSV format for use with other applications and services like Groupon, referral, and affiliate programs, etc. 

Bulk Discounts are most often used in promotions where you want to offer a unique discount code per customer. These unique discount codes are often used if you are tracking discount codes for each recurring subscriber, or third party referral campaigns. 




Discount codes created in Bold Subscriptions allow you to set minimum order values. Setting a minimum order value prevents customers from being able to apply the discount code to the subscription checkout unless they have met the minimum amount set to the discount code. 

A start and end date can be applied to each discount code created in Bold Subscriptions, allowing the discount code to only be useable between a set timeframe. Having a start and end date for discount codes is a useful feature to utilize when offering limited promotional type of discounts, such as Black Friday to Cyber Monday or holiday sales. 

Each discount code can have a pre-determined limit to the amount of times in total that the discount code can be used. For example, if you set a limit of 50 and 3 customers have applied the discount code to the initial subscription purchase, this would count as 3/50 uses. Each time a recurring subscription renews, the times used would go up by 1. 

Setting a total limit for a discount code is commonly used in contest promotions where you are offering a discounted subscription to a user for X amount of orders. 

Similar to the total limit feature, there is also a feature that each discount code type can utilize that limits the amount of orders the discount code can be used for each customer. For example, if you wanted a discount code to only apply to the first 3 orders, a limit amount of 3 would need to be used. 

Using an order limit is commonly used in early stages of subscriptions where you are offering a "Purchase subscription and use Y discount to get the next X amount of orders off" type of promotion. 

There is also a feature that only Standard and Bulk Group Discounts can use that restricts the discount code to only be applicable on the first initial subscription order. This allows you to run a discount code promotion that only targets new customers purchasing a product on a subscription, while preventing existing subscribers from being able to use the discount code on their existing subscription. 

Enabling the initial subscription purchase option is commonly used for promotional type of discounts for new customers to help drive subscription purchases. 

Note: Whenever a discount code is used that has the option of limits the usage per customer, your customers will be required to add an email address in the checkout before the discount code can be used.

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