Custom Pricing: Getting Started

 Get Started Guide

Ready to get started with Custom Pricing? We've put together a guide that you can follow along with to get your new app set up.

Step 1: Install Custom Pricing

Custom Pricing has a significant coding installation in order for the app to display the correct prices to your customers across the storefront.

If you already have the app installed, then you can skip to Step 2!

If not, you'll need to add several files and snippets to your theme files, or request help from our team.

You can either:

  • Install the code yourself; or,
  • Request an expert installation.

Step 2: Enable Customer Accounts

The app utilizes your Shopify customer accounts to provide your wholesale customers with access to their discounts.

If customer accounts are not enabled on your Shopify site, your customers will not be able to access their wholesale pricing.

Visit Set Your Customer Account Preferences (links to Shopify) for more information on how to enable customer accounts on your site.

Step 3: Create a Customer Pricing Tag

Customer pricing tags are how the app controls which of your customers receive wholesale discounts and what that discount amount is.

You're able to name the tag, set a discount percentage, and choose how taxes are charged for each tag. 

Note: Tags are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly the same between Custom Pricing and the Customer edit page. For example, a tag "VIP" must be entered as "VIP" in the Shopify admin.

Visit Create, Edit or Delete Customer Tags for more information on how to set up these tags.

Step 4: Create Your Product Pricing Groups

Product pricing groups allow you to select which of your products you want to offer wholesale pricing for.

You can specify either a discount percentage, amount off, or set fixed prices for each of your wholesale tiers.

With the Quantity Breaks module enabled, you're also able to set additional discounts for customers who purchase multiples of a specific product.

Visit Create, Edit or Delete Product Pricing Groups for more information on how to set up these groups.

Step 5: Apply a Pricing Tag to Your Customer Accounts

Once your wholesale prices  are set, you'll need to add a pricing tag to your customers' accounts. This will allow them to see their discounted prices while they're signed in to your site.

Visit Apply a Customer Pricing Tag to a Customer Account for more information on how to assign pricing tags to customers.

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