Custom Pricing & Bold Subscriptions Integration


Bold Custom Pricing is integrated with Bold Subscriptions to allow you to offer your products to your wholesale customers on a recurring basis.

This integration provides your customers with their wholesale discount, and creates a subscription for those items. You have the ability to choose which products you would like to offer as a subscription, along with the shipment intervals.


To complete this integration, Bold Custom Pricing must be enabled in the Variant Dependant Method. This is required to be able to create your wholesale subscriptions. Please Switch Discount Methods in Custom Pricing to proceed.


When a customer subscribes to one of your discounted wholesale variants, Bold Subscriptions will keep the customer subscribed to that product and pricing on a recurring basis. If you remove this customer's Custom Pricing tag from the Shopify admin, they will still be subscribed to the products at a discounted rate.

If you notice that one of your customers is receiving a discount on their subscription that they are no longer eligible for, we would recommend adjusting the product price or swapping the variant to the correct one within Bold Subscriptions.

Bold Custom Pricing creates "groups". Depending on how this is set-up on your store, the Custom Pricing app will automatically delete and remake your stores product variants. If your subscriptions are set-up before the Custom Pricing groups are created, you may have to ensure that the two are properly connected.

For more information please visit our Manage Deleted Product tool article in Bold Subscriptions.

Here is a list of some actions that would cause a group of variants to be replaced within the Custom Pricing app: 

  • Deleting a Group.

  • Saving a Group.

  • Toggling a group on or off.

  • Changing a price for a product in the Detailed Pricing section of Custom Pricing.
  • If we receive a partner_shop_updated webhook

Quantity Breaks

Once a customer subscribes, they will have the ability to manage their order through the Manage Subscription Page. From here, the quantity of their orders can be updated.

If your customer has a discount applied to their order through a Quantity Breaks rule, this will be fixed for the entire length of their subscription, even if the quantity is edited.

At this time, you will have to offer subscriptions within all of the Quantity Breaks prices. This compatibility would be unable to limit subscriptions to only certain quantities purchased.


If you change your pricing groups after this is set-up, you will need to reselect the variants in your Bold Subscriptions groups. 


To offer wholesale pricing on your subscription products, please follow these steps:

  1. Review your store to ensure that you are currently on the Variant Dependant Method of Bold Custom Pricing.

  2. Follow this guide to create your Custom Pricing Groups.

  3. Follow this guide to create a Standard Subscription.

  4. Under "Step 2: Select Product(s)", deselect the Group variants by products option.


  5. Search for your product pricing variants, and select ADD on them.

    Note: Only select the variants that relate to the product pricing group you're creating a subscription for. For example: select every "gold-status" variant if your'e creating a subscription group for customers who are eligible for these items as subscriptions.

  6. Complete the rest of the Subscription set-up how you'd like.

  7. Save the Subscription, and test. 

As with the Custom Pricing side of this app, changing aspects of your Quantity Break groups will cause the variants to be deleted and remade. As above, you would need to use the Manage Deleted Products tool in Bold Subscriptions to replace the products, if this were to happen. 

Here is a list of some actions that would cause a group of variants to be replaced by the Bold Quantity Breaks app:

  • Deleting a quantity break group.

  • Saving a group.

  • Toggling a group on or off.

  • Saving your display settings.

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