ReferralCandy & Bold Subscriptions Integration


ReferralCandy is an app that helps with growing your business by incentivizing referrals. Referrals creates a process in which your customers are rewarded for creating business on your store.

You can create advocates for your store and provide them with a unique link that they can send out to whoever they like. If someone sends a link and that customer makes a purchase on your store, they will earn points through ReferralCandy. These rewards are created as a discount code through Bold Subscriptions, and is offered to your customers via ReferralCandy.

Find more information on if ReferralCandy is right for your store.

Set up the Third Party Integration in ReferralCandy

This integration will first have to be enabled through your ReferralCandy account. To enable this integration, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for ReferralCandy.
  2. Select Integration.
  3. Select Third Party Integrations.
  4. Select Recurring Orders by Bold.
    ReferralCandy Integrations Tab


Once this is completed, you can complete the integration by connecting your ReferralCandy account to Bold Subscriptions. Please follow these steps:


  1. Log in to ReferralCandy.
  2. Select Admin Settings.
  3. From this page, find the API Access ID, API Secret Key, and App ID.
  4. Within Shopify's admin, Select Apps.
  5. Select Bold Subscriptions.
  6. Select Integrations, then View all Integrations.
  7. Select ReferralCandy.
  8. Enter the required information, and Save.
  9. Select Settings, then General.
  10. Scroll down to "Customers can Change their Discount Codes", and select Enable.
  11. Select Save.



With this integration, your customers are mainly rewarded with discounts via ReferralCandy. Discount codes created in Bold Subscriptions can be offered to your customers who purchase subscriptions on your store. We recommend using single-use codes for your advocates, and multi-use codes for the referred customers. 

Please note that prepaid subscribers are not able to apply their own discount codes mid-subscription. 


Single Use Discount Codes

With how ReferralCandy is currently built, we recommend having one-time use discounts for your advocates that are sharing the referral links. With this method, you will first be creating the discount codes you would like to offer for your advocates. Once these codes are created, they will be exported and copied into ReferralCandy to ensure that they are linked.

To create single use discount codes, please follow these steps: 


  1. Create a Bulk Discount Code in Bold Subscriptions
  2. Under "Limit's and Restrictions", select Limit the number of orders this discount code will be applied to for each customer checkbox to enable it. Then enter 1 in the box next to this line.
  3. Within the Discount Code page, select the number used under "Uses" to view.
  4. Within ReferralCandy, select Referral Rewards, then Edit.
  5. Create your Referral Discount here.

 For more information on creating a ReferralCandy reward, please see their article on the Best Practices When Setting Up a Reward for your customers.

Multi-Use Discount Codes

Creating the discount code in this configuration will ensure that Friends only get a discount on their initial subscription order, and they can only use their referral discount once. That way this is beneficial for first-time subscribers only.


To create a Multi-Use Discount code, please follow these steps:

  1. Create Bulk Discount Codes.
  2. Enter the % or $ that you would like to apply to referrals for their first subscription orders.
  3. Under "Limits and Restrictions", select the Limit the number of orders this discount code will be applied to for each customer check box to enable it. Enter a limit of 1 in the box next to this line.
  4. Under "Limits and Restrictions", select the Only valid on initial subscription order in the checkout, not existing subscriptions check box.
  5. Log in to ReferralCandy.
  6. Select Edit Referral Program.
  7. Select Friend Offer.
  8. Enter the discount code.
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