Set Default Pricing with Custom Pricing


This feature does not work with the Variant Method of Custom Pricing. When using the Variant Method, Custom Pricing will recommend that you only use this discount percentage when you go to create another pricing group. 


Custom Pricing allows you to set a default discount that will apply across all of your wholesale customers. This works by automatically applying the discount amount to any customer's account that is tagged with the associated customer tag.

Product pricing groups do not need to be set up in order for a default discount to apply to a customer's account.

Note: This type of discount will only apply if there is not already another type of discount specified.

The default discount option is located within Custom Pricing under the "Manage Tags" section:

Apply discount storewide example

This is the order that the app uses to determine which discount will apply while Custom Pricing is set to Variant Dependant Method (Version 1) or Draft Order Method (Standard - Version 2):

  1. Detailed Pricing
  2. Product Pricing Groups
  3. Customer Tags (Default Discount) 

While Custom Pricing is set to Accelerated Method (Version 3), the highest/best discount that is set within the app for your products will apply on the storefront.

If your discounts are not reflecting on the storefront, please contact our Merchant Success team.

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