Shoelace & Bold Subscriptions Integration


Shoelace integrates with Bold Subscriptions to allow your store to create targeted ads for your customers, and allows for live reporting for detailed data. This helps with promoting your subscription products to drive repeat purchases from your past customers.

If a customer completes a purchase for an item on your store and did not select a subscription, they will be offered branded ads that support upgrading to a subscription purchase on their next order. This integration will exclude customers who have already purchased a subscription in the past in order to only target the correct audience.

Note: You must have the Shoelace app installed in your store to integrate Subscriptions with Shoelace. You should also have your Facebook Pixel account connected to Subscriptions. 

To integrate the two apps, please follow these steps:

  1. Install the Shoelace Shopify app.
  2. Complete the Integration with Facebook Pixel.

    Note: Ensure you use the same Facebook Pixel account in the Shoelace app.

  3. Enable the Subscriptions integration with Shoelace. For further assistance with this, please email their team directly at 
  4. Within the Bold Subscriptions app, select Integrations, then View All Integrations.
  5. Select Shoelace.
  6. Select Enable.
  7. Select Save.


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