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Create, Edit, or Delete Detailed Pricing

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If you've enabled Customer Pricing's Premium plan, you can create discounts in Detailed Pricing.

Detailed Pricing allows you to apply discounts to individual products all in one table, instead of having to create multiple different price groups.

Note: If you're using the Premium Select or Complete plan on your store, you can also add quantity-based discounts to your Detailed Pricing. For detailed instructions, please visit Set up Quantity Breaks Using Detailed Pricing.





Create a detailed pricing discount

  1. From within Custom Pricing, select Detailed Pricing.
  2. Select the discount type beside your desired product. The discount type can be changed at anytime by selecting a different discount type.
  3. Enter your discount amount or product price.

    Note: When using Fixed Price as your discount type, the amount must be lower than the price.

  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each product and price group you want to offer detailed pricing on.
  5. Select Save Detailed Pricing.



Edit or delete a discount

Note: If you are updating the price for a lot of products, we recommend utilizing the Import/Export feature within Custom Pricing. Please visit Import & Export Prices into Custom Pricing for more information on bulk editing discounts within the app.

  1. From within Custom Pricing, select Detailed Pricing.
  2. Locate the product using either the search functionality or by browsing through the pages of products.
  3. Remove or edit the discount for a tag.
    1. If quantity break discounts are applied in Detailed Pricing, select the plus icon beside multiple values.

      Select the plus icon

    2. Make the changes to each quantity break rule or select the + icon next to each quantity break rule to remove the discount.
    3. Select Confirm.
  4. Select Save Detailed Pricing.


The prices and discounts you've placed or removed on these products should be tested to ensure they display correctly for the related customers.

Visit Custom Pricing Installation for more information on how to verify that the changes made have applied correctly. Please note that the related customer accounts should be used instead of our Bold test account when verifying the product prices.