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Hide Wholesale Products from Customers with Custom Pricing

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Custom Pricing allows you to hide products on the storefront from regular customers or customers with a specific tag assigned to them.

This functionality hides items from the search, collection, and product pages for specific customers. You can do this by assigning a hide tag to the product that you wish to hide.

Please keep in mind, this functionality only works with Custom Pricing tags. There is no way for Shopify to hide your product information without having a pricing tag to read.

Note: This feature does not work with the Accelerated Method of Custom Pricing. To hide products for customers while Accelerated Method is enabled, you can enable Bold Memberships. Visit Custom Pricing's Bold Integrations for more information.




To hide products from regular or tagged customer accounts, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Customers.
  2. Enter a Customer Name in the Search bar.
  3. Select the Customer Name.
  4. Under Tags, enter your customer pricing tag.

    Note: This is the name of the tag you want to hide products from.

  5. Press Enter.
  6. Select Save.
  7. Select Products.
  8. Enter a Product Name in the search bar.
  9. Select the Product Name.
  10. Under Tags, enter XXXX-HIDE.

    Note: XXXX is the name of your customer pricing tag you entered in Step 4. Using our example, you would enter Gold-HIDE as the tag name. To hide the product from all customers by default, you would use default-HIDE. Ensure HIDE is entered in all caps.

  11. Select Save.