Wholesale Variants/Pricing are Visible on the Storefront


When Custom Pricing variants and/or pricing are visible on the storefront while Custom Pricing is on the Variant Dependant Method, it's usually because the meta-data (hidden tags) on one or more of the app's variants has been removed.

There are a few different reasons as to why this may occur:

  • The app's variant was modified manually within the "Products" section of your Shopify admin.
  • An import was initiated in your Shopify admin without pausing Custom Pricing's product pricing groups.
  • The product and variants were duplicated from another product that had Custom Pricing discounts applied to it.
  • Another app may have affected/changed your product's information and caused the app's meta-data to be cleared.

To stop these variants from displaying on the storefront, please follow these steps:




  1. From within Custom Pricing, select Product Pricing Groups.
  2. Under "Status", select the toggle.

    Note: The toggle will show as green when it's running and grey when it's paused. Pausing the app should remove the app's variants from the associated products.

  3. Wait until this process has completed.

    Note: We're able to perform these updates at a rate of roughly 1000 variants per hour. For example: A product pricing group of 3000 variants will take about 3 hours to turn off.

  4. Select Products.
  5. Select a product you saw this issue with.
  6. Under "Variants", look for any Custom Pricing variants that are still showing.

    Select any visible hidden variant

  7. Next to each of these variants, select Delete.
  8. In Custom Pricing, select Product Pricing Groups.
  9. Under "Status", select the toggle.

    Note: If you have many variants that need to be deleted, it may be a good idea to export all of your products as a CSV file, mass delete the extra variants in Excel, and re-import the products. Visit Importing and Exporting Products (links to Shopify) for more details. Please note that if you're using multiple inventory locations, they will not be respected in the export.

Next Steps:

  • The products that were previously causing your site issues should be verified to ensure they're not showing on the storefront. Visit Custom Pricing Installation for more information on how to verify your price discounts while not logged in.
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