Create, Edit or Delete a Sale with Bold Discounts


With Bold Discounts, you are able to apply sales to multiple products, choose discount amounts, and even pick time frames for your sales. These can be set up in different ways, depending on how you would like to market sales to your customers. 

Please review the following topics for more information on creating the discounts on your store, editing your current sales, or deleting discounts:



Create a Standard Sale

  1. From within Discounts, select Create Discount.
  2. Enter a Discount group name.

    Note: This name will only be shown to you within Discounts' admin.

  3. Choose Select products.

    Note: You can also choose Select your entire store if you want to place all your products on sale or Choose collections to place products in a collection on a sale.

  4. Select your desired products.

    Note: You can also pick a specific list of products by selecting the search bar. A dropdown of selection options will appear. You're also able to choose individual variants to use in your sales by selecting the variant counter underneath the product name.

  5. Select Confirm.
  6. Enter your discount amount.
  7. Select the discount type.

    Note: "Percent off (%)" will apply whatever number you specified in the previous step as a percentage discount on your selected products. "Fixed Price ($)" will set the price of every item to the number previously specified. "Amount off ($)" will discount these products by the dollar amount specified.

  8. Under "Additional Options", select Set the start date and time for this group discount (optional).

    Note: You can set a start or an end date without having to set the other.

  9. Select your start time and date.
  10. Select Set the end date and time for this group discount (optional).
  11. Select your end time and date.
  12. Select Cents Override (optional).
  13. Enter your cents amount.
  14. Select Sales Text (optional).
  15. Enter a message that you want to display to your customers on sale items.

    Note: This box can accept most HTML styling. Visit W3 Schools - HTML for more information on how to use HTML.

  16. Select Save.



Create a Flash Sale

Bold Discounts provides you with the flexibility of placing an entire collection of products on sale at once. This is useful if you want to create temporary "flash sales" to drive purchases of specific items.

Using Shopify's collections feature to create our list of products, we can then create a discount offer with this collection in Discounts.

To create a flash sale using Discounts, please follow these steps: 

Step 1: Create a Collection

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Products.
  2. Select Collections.
  3. Select Create collection.
  4. Enter a Title.
  5. Enter a Description (optional).
  6. Under "Collection type", choose the products you want to place on sale. 

    Note: You can select these products manually, or create a collection using the automated conditions. Visit Collections - Shopify for more information on how to create collections in Shopify.

  7. Under "Collection image", select Add image (optional).
  8. Select Save.

Step 2: Create a Discount Group

Follow the steps under Create a Standard Sale and once you get to Step 4, select the collection you created earlier on your store.



Edit a Sale

Sales that are created in Discounts can be edited while the discount is active or inactive. If the sale is active, after saving your changes, the sale will re-sync and apply the changes made onto the storefront.

  1. From within Discounts, select the ellipsis beside your sale.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Adjust your sale settings accordingly.
  4. Select Save.



Delete a Sale

It is recommended to turn off the sale first before the sale is deleted to ensure that all of the discounts have been reverted on the storefront.

  1. From within Discounts, select the toggle to turn off the sale.

    Note: When the sale is off, the toggle will be grey.

  2. Once the discount has finished syncing, select the ellipsis beside your sale.
  3. Select Delete.
  4. Select Yes, delete.
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