Bold Discounts V1 Information & Pricing

Bold Discounts V1 runs sales like other online and brick-and-mortar stores by reducing the product price when products go on sale and returning them to regular price when the sale is over.

When a discount has been enabled in the app, the original price of the product is replaced with the discounted rate from Bold Discounts. The original price is then shifted over to the compare at price field. Once the discount group has been turned off within Bold Discounts, the discounted price will automatically revert back to the original price and remove the compare at price field.


Let's say a product that has a price of $10.00 with no compare at price is placed in a discount group in Bold Discounts. The discount group has a 10% discount. When the discount group has been turned on, the original price of the product will shift over to the compare at price field and the price field will be updated to $9.00 to reflect the 10% discount.

When the discount group has been disabled, the compare at price will be removed and the original price will be added back to the price field.


If a product already has a compare at price before the product is added into a discount group, the compare at price will not be changed.

Discounts allows the option to schedule sales with a start and end time. If a start and end date is applied to a sale, a sale timer can be shown on the product page to show how long the sale will be on for storefront customers.

Discounts can apply discounts using a percentage or dollar amount. Discounts will change only the product prices, the same way as if you manually changed the prices.




Discounts does not require any liquid code to function on your site. The app works on a series of server calls to place your items on sale.

Discounts has optional code installations if you wish to display sales icons or a sales clock on your discounted products. There's also a duplicate & hide coding installation if you want to use Discounts with Bold Upsell to offer Buy One Get One deals on your site.

You can find the installation steps for Discounts and find steps for requesting an installation by visiting the Bold Discounts V1 Install Instructions article. 

Discounts can be installed through the following link below:


Installing Discounts through the Shopify App Store will automatically install Version 1 of Discounts. If you require a feature from Bold Discounts PRE, please contact our Merchant Success team for help with switching to Bold Discounts PRE. To read more about the difference between Discounts V1 and Discount PRE, please visit Bold Discounts V1 & PRE Comparison.




Feature Basic
Price per month $19.99
Create unlimited discounts
Storewide sales 
Scheduled sales
Custom sales icons
Daily Deals
Live countdown timers
Sync prices across sales channels




Create unlimited discounts

Discounts allows you to create as many discount groups as needed, allowing you to place each product into a separate discount group and offer unique discounts across all of your products. These discounts are then displayed to all customers that visit your store.


If you would like to apply discounts to specific customers rather than to all customers, this can be achieved by using Bold Custom Pricing.


Storewide sales

Discounts allows the option to select the entire store in a discount group, allowing you to easily place the entire store on a set discount. 

Scheduled sales

Set a start and end date for when you would like the discounts to apply and stop on the storefront.

Using a start and end date will automatically turn on the discount and turn off the discount, without the need of any manual intervention.

Compare at Pricing

When a discount group has been enabled in Discounts, a compare at price will be added automatically to each product associated with the discount group. If your theme supports compare at pricing on the storefront, any product that is discounted in Discounts will have a strikethrough price to show customers the amount they are saving.


If the compare at pricing is not showing for products on the storefront that are being discounted via Discounts, please visit Troubleshooting with Bold Discounts V1 for steps on resolving this issue in your theme.

Custom sales icons

Discounts provides you with the ability to display icons on your products that are in an active discount in the app. 

Discounts allows you to choose between many different custom icons, such as a starburst, tag and ribbon. 

If you have your own sales icon that you would like to use rather than one of the default options available, you can apply your own sales icon as well. 

Daily Deals

Discounts allows you to create daily deals by applying a tag to products that are being discounted in active discount groups.

This allows the ability to create collections of products that only have discounted products from Discounts in these collections by adding the same tag to the collection.  

Live countdown timers

Discounts offers a customizable sales clock to display on your storefront. You can use this clock to express a sense of urgency to your customers in making a purchase. 

The text in the countdown timer, as well as the remaining time in days, hours, minutes and seconds can all be adjusted in Discounts to fit your store needs. 

Sync prices across sales channels

The discounts that are created in Discounts will change the price set on the storefront for your products.

Since the discounts are applied to the product price in Shopify, changing the price field will reflect the discounts on all sales channels that uses the price field set in Shopify to display product prices, such as Shopify POS, Facebook, etc.




Discounts integrates with some other Bold apps. Some of the integrations allow both apps to work together on the storefront, such as offering BOGO offers between upsell/cross-sell offers created in Bold Upsell. 

Please visit Bold Discounts V1 Bold Integrations for more information on the available integrations. 


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