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Please note that this article only relates to Version 1 of Bold Subscriptions. Please visit Bold Subscriptions V1 & V2 Comparison for more information on determining which version of Bold Subscriptions you are currently on.


With Bold Subscriptions V1, all your customer and order information are available within our reports. This information can be exported for specific information from your store, or can be reviewed as general reports and analytics directly within the app.

The analytics within Bold Subscriptions V1 are based on the average length of time that someone stays a subscriber on your store. This information can vary within the first few months of using the app, as it is based on orders.




Within the Reports > Reporting & Analytics section of our app, you will be able to see key metrics that detail your stores analytics. These statistics are updated in real-time, so be sure to check this page often to see how your store is improving! This area allows you to track revenue, total subscribers, month over month income, and so much more. 

This area calculates your estimated subscription revenue for the next 7, 30, and 365 days. Orders that are set to recur in this time frame are taken into consideration, and frame your expected Subscription growth over that time period. You are able to review your stats as you begin using Bold Subscriptions V1.

Failed Transaction Log

Within the Bold Subscriptions V1 app, you will be able to review each transaction on your store that had failed, and the reason. Generally, transactions will fail due to credit cards being declined. If you know there is a new credit card for the customer, it can be entered within this section and updated to try again.

Occasionally, you may see an error message within this section relating to a declined purchase. If you see this, we recommend searching the error message you see within your payment gateway, or contacting them directly for further information.




Exporting Data

When you need to get more information about your customers and their subscriptions, Bold Subscriptions V1 has a built in reporting feature that provides a wealth of information for your store by your preferred filtering software (Excel, Numbers, etc).

These reports can be accessed by opening Bold Subscriptions V1, and navigating to Tools > Export Data. Currently, the following information can be exported from our app:

Export Data Information

With these reports, you can see all your stores upcoming orders, transactions, customer activity, and other helpful information.

Take advantage of our "Customer Activity" report. This export can be set to a specific date range, and can show you a particular activity that your subscribers have been initiating.

Did they swap a product? Deleted a product? Maybe they tried to cancel, and you want to know the reason they left? All these options are available within this section.



Manage Pricing

Within the Tools > Manage Pricing section of Bold Subscriptions V1, you will be able to globally change the pricing of a product in your Shopify store; As well as all existing subscriptions. When pricing is adjusted within this area, it can be changed to a completely new price, or by modifying it by "+" or "-" a certain amount.

If you change a product price within Shopify, this change will not reflect on any customer's order who is subscribed to that product. Instead, it will offer them the original price as a "grandfathered" rate.

The Manage Pricing tool will help you do a complete price override, which updates the product price in both Bold Subscriptions V1 and Shopify. This ensures that changes of the items cost will reflect on future orders, and current orders.

Depending on your current Bold Subscriptions V1 email settings, this adjustment may trigger an email that goes to all customers that are affected by this update.



Manage Deleted Products

If a product or variant is deleted within your Shopify store that exists within a subscription, it will have to either be replaced with a new item, or removed all together.

Depending on your current Bold Subscriptions V1 email settings, this adjustment may trigger an email that goes to all customers that are affected by this update.



Inventory Forecasting

The built-in Inventory Forecasting tool helps your store know exactly what is required in stock to ensure you have enough inventory to fill your future subscription orders. This area also predicts what you will need on top of scheduled subscriptions based off average sales.

For example, if you have 10 items scheduled to process within the next 30 days, but sell 3 subscriptions on average a month, the app will predict that you need 13 items. If they do not have enough inventory within Shopify, they will be highlighted in red.

The inventory levels update once daily within this section.

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