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Reports & Analytics in Bold Subscriptions V1

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This article outlines how to use Bold Subscriptions V1's reports and analytics features to your advantage. 

All of your customer's information is available within our reports and can be exported or reviewed as general reports directly within the app.

The analytics within Bold Subscriptions V1 are based on the average length of time that someone stays a subscriber. Though this information can vary, it is based on your subscription orders.

This article is relevant to Subscriptions V1. If you have Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout on your store, please visit Dashboard Analytics, Reports & Activity Logs in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout. If you are unsure of which version of Bold Subscriptions you have, please visit Identify Your Version of Bold Subscriptions.



You can access the reports section from the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin under Reports > Reporting & Analytics. Here, you can see key metrics that detail your store's analytics.

These statistics are updated in real-time, so be sure to check this page often to see how your store is improving! This area allows you to track revenue, total subscribers, month over month income, and so much more.

This area calculates your estimated subscription revenue for the next 7, 30, and 365 days. Orders that are set to recur in this time frame will be taken into consideration and frame your expected Subscription growth over that time period.

You can otherwise review your stats as you begin using Bold Subscriptions V1.



Failed Transaction Log

Your customer's failed transactions can all be found in the Failed Transaction Log. You can access this from the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin under Failed Transactions.

The Failed Transaction Log allows you to review your customer's failed transactions, as well as the reason why they failed. You can also manage customer's credit card details from the Failed Transaction Log, so if a customer's order fails due to an expired credit card, you can update their card info right on the same page.

Occasionally, you may see an error message within the Failed Transaction Log. We highly encourage you to find more information by searching for the error message on Google, or contacting your payment gateway's support team directly for more information.


Subscription batches run every day from 4:00 AM until 9:00 AM CST. Failed orders will attempt to process the next day, unless you have specific dunning management settings.




Error Message


The orders gateway does not match the stores gateway

Changes have recently been made to your payment gateway.

Please contact our Customer Success team for more information.

Could not fetch products from Shopify

Information from Shopify was unable to be received within the Bold Subscriptions app.

The order should process successfully once it's retried the following day.

Deleted Product

Products your customers are subscribed to were deleted from Shopify.

This can be resolved by using the Manage Deleted Product tool, or by swapping / removing the now-deleted product(s) from the customer's order.

Insufficient Inventory

There is insufficient Shopify inventory to create this order.

This can be resolved by increasing the inventory of the out-of-stock product.

Internal Server Error

There may be a bug or Shopify outage.

The order should process successfully once it's retried the following day.

No valid shipping methods for order

There is no valid shipping method.

This can be resolved by adding a valid shipping rate to the customer's subscription. Please contact our Customer Success team for more information.

{"customer":["Email contains an invalid domain name"]}

The customer's email address is not from a valid domain name.

This can be resolved by updating the customer's email address from the Shopify admin.

Some error codes are pulled directly from the payment gateway. You can review both Stripe and Braintree's error code lists below.



Insufficient Products

Bold Subscriptions V1 syncs with your Shopify inventory levels to make tracking your subscription inventory even easier. If you haven't enabled inventory tracking, your orders will continue to generate even when you're out of stock.

If you are tracking inventory and run out of product, the following will occur:

  1. Bold Subscriptions V1 will attempt to process the order every day until there's enough stock to fulfill it.
  2. Emails will be sent to the store owner.
  3. The order will be delayed until inventory is replenished.

    Note: If a customer has multiple items in their subscription order and only one item is out of stock, the entire order will be delayed.

Orders that fail from insufficient inventory will be processed the day after stock has been added to the product's inventory.

You can be proactive and determine upcoming insufficiencies before they happen by selecting Reports > Insufficient Products from the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin.



Want more information about your customers and their subscriptions? Bold Subscriptions V1 has built-in reporting that provides a wealth of information.

These reports can be accessed through the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin under Tools > Export Data. The following information can be exported:

  • Customers by Discount Code
    • List of customers using a specific discount code.
  • Customer Activity
    • Customer activity within a specific date range.
  • Prepaid Customers
    • List of customers with prepaid subscriptions.
  • Transactions Report
    • List of transactions within a specific date range.
  • Failing Transactions
    • Customers with failing transactions.
  • Cancelled Subscriptions
    • List of cancelled subscriptions within a specific date range.
  • Customers by Products
    • List of customers subscribed to specific product(s).
  • Upcoming Orders
    • List of upcoming orders within a specific date range.
  • Upcoming Products
    • List of upcoming order's products within a specific date range.
  • Refunds Processed
    • List of refunds processed within a specific date range.
  • Discount Codes Report
    • List of discount codes.

We recommend taking advantage of the Customer Activity report. The Customer Activity report contains your customer's particular activity within a specific date range, such as paused subscriptions or subscription purchases.



The Manage Pricing tool can be found in the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin under Tools > Manage Pricing. This tool helps you globally change the pricing of a product and all existing subscriptions.

When a product's price is being adjusted using this tool, it can be changed to a completely new price or be modified in $0.25 increments. Product prices changed in Shopify will not be reflected on any subscriber's order. Instead, it will offer them the product's original price at a grandfathered rate.

Bold Subscription's Manage Pricing tool can also help with price overrides, which updates your product pricing in both Bold Subscriptions V1 and Shopify. Using a price override ensures that your price changes are reflected on current and future orders.

Depending on your Bold Subscriptions V1 email settings, any adjustments made with the Manage Pricing tool may trigger an email notification to your customers.



Deleting a Shopify product that's currently being used in a subscription will require you to either replace the item, or remove it altogether.

Depending on your Bold Subscriptions V1 email settings, any adjustments made with the Manage Deleted Products tool may trigger an email notification to your customers.



The Inventory Forecasting tool helps you be aware of exactly what's required to stock your store and fulfill future subscription orders. This area of the Subscriptions app admin also predicts what you will need on top of scheduled subscriptions based off of your sales averages.

Inventory levels update once per day.


If you have 10 items scheduled to process within the next 30 days and you sell 3 subscriptions per month, the app will predict that you'll need 13 items. If these products do not have enough Shopify inventory, they will be highlighted in red.