Customization & Styling in Bold Subscriptions

There are three main ares of the Bold Subscriptions V1 Display Settings that you can customize:

  1. The subscriptions widget on the product / cart page.
  2. The Manage Subscriptions Page.
  3. The Thank You page of the checkout.

You can use the app's preset styling fields, or you can enter custom CSS into the Widget CSS boxes at the bottom of the Display Settings page.

Making styling changes within Subscriptions V1 requires knowledge of CSS. If you aren't comfortable completing this on your own, one of our partners would be happy to create this for you! You can get in touch with our partners at HeyCarson via this form.

Please visit Configure Display Settings in Bold Subscriptions for more information on the app's Display Settings.


Please note that this article only relates to Version 1 of Bold Subscriptions. If you have Version 2 of Bold Subscriptions installed on your store, please visit Subscriptions V2 Overview.

If you are unsure of which version of Bold Subscriptions that you have currently installed, please visit Bold Subscriptions V1 & V2 Comparison.



Language Settings

Bold Subscriptions V1 allows you to change the language of almost all of the app's major features and pages.

Because the app's default language is English, you have the freedom to make any adjustments you see fit if you need a different language. All changes made to the app's language can be found in the Bold Subscriptions app admin under Settings > Language Settings. 

At this time, Bold Subscriptions V1 is only able to operate in one language. You may otherwise use a third party translation app, but it is at your own discretion.

Please visit Configuring the Language Settings in Bold Subscriptions for more information.




Need a hand with the app's language settings? We're happy to help! Please reach out to our Merchant Success Team for further assistance.

Please also visit Troubleshooting Display Settings in Bold Subscriptions for more information.

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