Bold Discounts Functionality FAQs


This guide answers several common questions in regards to functionality with Bold Discounts.

Here's the questions that are covered in this article: 

  • Can I disable coupons while running a sale?
  • Can I discount specific variants of a product?
  • Can I import products while running a sale with Discounts?
  • How does the duplicate & hide feature manage inventory levels?
  • How do I remove a product that's on sale?
  • How fast does the app discount my products? 
  • What happens if more than one sale applies to an item?
  • What is the duplicate & hide feature?
  • What timezone settings are used for scheduling?
  • Why can't I edit or delete a sale? 

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Discounts doesn't utilize discount codes, but both sources of discounts can work side by side. The app discounts the store's product pricing, coupons are entered at the checkout. There is no way within Shopify to prevent coupons from being added.

Discounts V1 can be upgraded to the newest version of Discounts which prevents users from using coupons in the checkout if a discounted product from Discounts is added. Please visit Bold Discounts V2 Benefits & Upgrade for more information on the upgrade process. 

The discount applies to all variants of a product. Discounts doesn't have the ability to apply only to selected variants unless you adjust its price manually.

Discounts V1 can be upgraded to the newest version of Discounts which allows you to only discount certain variants of products. Please visit Bold Discounts V2 Benefits & Upgrade for more information on the upgrade process. 

Do not import products while you are running a Discounts sale. Doing so disconnects products from the app, and you will not be able to end the sale. Before importing products, pause all sales. 

Discounts is not compatible with third-party inventory management apps or apps that perform automatic product syncs. These types of apps generally perform information syncs that override or don't copy the meta-fields we place on your products to mark them as on sale.

This can then disconnect our app from your products, causing items to not be placed on sale, become double-discounted, or seemingly come off sale for no reason at all.

Discounts - integrated with Bold Upsell - gives you the ability to offer Buy One Get One deals on your site using its duplicate & hide feature. This feature creates a hidden duplicate of the main version of your product(s). Discounts does this so you can offer discounted items, through Upsell, that aren't purchasable on their own.

When the duplicate version is purchased, Discounts will subtract inventory from both the duplicate and the main version of the item. However, when just the main version is purchased, the inventory is not reduced on our duplicate product. This is because Shopify does not communicate back with our servers to inform us of these purchases.

This means that the main version of your product(s) will always contain the true inventory numbers. Because Discounts deletes these duplicate items when the sale is turned off, these products technically act as placeholders. We want to ensure that the main product's inventory always remains true.

Discounts creates its sales by communicating directly with Shopify's servers to temporarily change the selling price of your items.

When a sale is active with Discounts, there is no way to add or remove a product. All of the information associated with the discount is placed on your products, and communicated to Shopify at the time the sale is turned on.

To edit the item(s) in a discount, you must deactivate the sale, add or remove the product(s), then re-activate the sale on your site. 

On average, it takes between 60-90 minutes per 1000 variants. This is due to a limitation of how quickly we can access Shopify's severs to make these adjustments. Peak periods, such as Black Friday & Cyber Monday can take significantly longer.

If you apply two sales to the same product, Discounts will use the discount applied first, and skip any other discounts. This prevents a product from being double discounted by mistake.

Discounts does this by tagging each item that it places on sale with hidden "meta-fields". Any product that has Discounts' meta-fields attached to it will be skipped from being discounted. Visit Metafields (links to Shopify) for more information on this.

When you create a sale through Discounts, you have the option to duplicate and hide that product; which means you can copy your product and apply the discount to it, without affecting the price of the original product. This feature is useful if you want to offer special discounts to certain people, without advertising the sale price on your site.

For example, you can use our Bold Upsell app to create a buy one, get one 50% off deal. You don't want to discount the original product's price because you don't want everyone to get the sale price; only those who qualify for the offer. This feature also removes the duplicate product from the site search results so you don't have to worry about people finding it who shouldn't.

Visit Bold Discounts V1 Install Instructions for more information on how to implement this coding installation.

The timezone settings are based on your store's local time. They are found in your Shopify admin, under Settings > General.

To view a discount offer, select the magnifying glass under the "View/Edit" column. When the icon appears as a pencil, the offer is turned off, and you can edit it. You cannot delete an offer while it's active, you must turn it off first.

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