Bold Discounts V1 Functionality FAQs

This guide answers several frequently asked questions in regards to the functionality of Bold Discounts V1. Please select a question below to view the answer.



No. Bold Discounts V1 only offers discounts of percentage or dollar amount on individual products.

When Discounts V1 is integrated with Bold Upsell, you can offer Buy/Get type deals using upsell/cross-sell offers, along with duplicate and hide functionality in Discounts V1. 

Please visit Bold Discounts V1 Bold Integrations for more information on the integration between Bold Upsell and Bold Discounts V1.

Buy/Get discounts can be achieved using either Bold Bundles or Bold Custom Pricing on the Quantity Breaks plan.

No. Bold Discounts V1 does not create discount codes. All discount codes will need to be created in your Shopify admin.

Discount codes created in Shopify can be used at the same time as products being discounted with Bold Discounts V1. This allows you to offer stackable discounts.

To prevent stackable discounts on your store, it is recommended to switch from Version 1 to Bold Discounts PRE.

Bold Discounts V1 cannot disable any discount codes created in Shopify. Both sources of discounts can work side by side for stackable discounts. There is no way within Shopify to prevent coupons from being added.

To prevent stackable discounts on your store, it is recommended to switch from Version 1 to Bold Discounts PRE.

Do not import products while you are running a sale with Discounts V1. This will disconnect your products from the app, and you will not be able to end the sale. Before importing products, pause all sales

Discounts V1 is not compatible with third-party inventory management apps, or apps that perform automatic product syncs. These can cause a disconnect between Discounts V1 and your products by overwriting the meta fields Discounts V1 uses to place your products on sale. This can cause items to not be placed on sale, become double-discounted, or come off an active sale.

Simple edits to products can be made manually (without the use of a third party app) while your products are in active discount groups. Some edits could be: changing the product title, descriptions, or stock level.

No, Bold Discounts V1 does not have built-in shipping rates. The shipping rates that are set in the Shopify admin will apply to products discounted through Bold Discounts V1.

When integrated with Bold Upsell,  Bold Discounts V1 gives you the ability to create Buy One, Get One deals using its duplicate & hide feature. This feature creates a hidden duplicate of a product, which you can present in an offer using Bold Upsell.

This feature ensures your customer must buy the full priced item before they will be able to purchase another item at a discount. 

Visit Bold Discounts V1 Bold Integrations for more information on how this integration works.


This feature is only used when integrated with Bold Upsell. Visit Bold Discounts V1 Bold Integrations for more information on how this integration works.

When inventory tracking is enabled, and the hidden duplicate version is purchased, Discounts V1 will subtract inventory from both the duplicate and the main version of the item. However, when just the main version is purchased, the inventory is not reduced on the duplicate product. This is because Shopify does not communicate with Bold's servers when a purchase is made.

This means that the main version of your product will always contain the true inventory numbers. Because Bold Discounts V1 deletes these duplicate items when the sale is turned off, these products technically act as placeholders to ensure that the main product's inventory always remains true.

The timezone settings are based on your store's local time. They are found in your Shopify admin, under Settings > Store details.

If the sales channel uses the price that is set for products in your Shopify admin, the discounts set via Bold Discounts V1 will apply onto other sales channels. If the sales channel in question does not sync from the price field set in the Shopify admin, the price will need to be manually adjusted to reflect the discount from Bold Discounts.

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