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Product Swapping in Bold Subscriptions V1

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Product Swap allows your customers to switch out the products they currently have in their subscription. This gives you an easy way to provide different sizes, colors, meals, and more to your customers, and gives them the freedom to pick what they want for every order.

The Product Swap is an elective feature and is currently incompatible with both the recurring cart mode and build-a-box subscriptions.

When editing or creating a subscription group, you will see in Step 1 that Allow Swapping of Products is selected by default. You may deselect this if it is not applicable to your current subscription group.

If left checked (enabled), any products in that subscription group can then be swapped out for another item in that same group. Your customers will not able to swap items in or out of their subscription when this feature is unchecked / disabled.

Allow Swapping Of Products

This article is relevant to Subscriptions V1. If you have Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout on your store, please visit Subscription Management: Merchant Perspective in Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout. If you are unsure of which version of Bold Subscriptions you have on your store, please visit Identify Your Version of Bold Subscriptions



In order for your customers to be able to swap their subscription product(s), they will need to be logged into their Shopify customer account.

When logged in, they will have access to the Manage Subscriptions Page where they can both view and make changes to their current subscription order(s).



  1. Select Products in your Subscription. A dropdown will open with the items in the subscription.

    Select Products in Your Subscription

  2. Select Swap Product. This will populate a list of all products that your customer can swap to, along with the variants. This also indicates any additional charges that the customers will incur if they choose to swap for a more expensive product.

    Select Swap Product

  3. Once your customer selects which product they would like to swap within their subscription, they will be asked to confirm the new shipping costs. After selecting Save Changes, the products will be swapped and a confirmation message will be displayed to your customers.

When a prepaid customer switches to a less expensive item, the app will keep the price as-is. Your customer will not be automatically refunded the difference in price.

When a prepaid customer switches to a more expensive item, you will see a Shopify order get generated for the difference. The title of the order will be "subscription modification", and the order notes will indicate which product was swapped.