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Create, Edit, or Delete Customer Tags

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If you have the Customer Pricing Plan enabled within Custom Pricing, you can offer discounts to your customers by creating tags.

These tags allow you to control which of your customers receive the wholesale discounts created within pricing groups, and within the Detailed Pricing sections.



For more information on setting up customer tags, please review the following information:



Create a Customer Tag

  1. From within Custom Pricing, select Manage Tags.
  2. Select Add Tag.

    Note Tags are case-sensitive and must be exactly the same in both Custom Pricing and Shopify. For example, if the tag VIP is created in Custom Pricing, the tag must be entered into a customer's account in Shopify as VIP in order for Custom Pricing to apply the discounts correctly.

  3. Optional: Enter a Discount percentage.
  4. Select to Charge Tax.

    Note Taxes are determined in your Shopify admin. This feature does not affect inclusive tax on the storefront.

    • If No is selected, then taxes are not applied at checkout for logged in and tagged members, regardless of your Shopify settings.
    • If Product default is selected, then the taxes are applied at checkout as per your Shopify settings.
  5. Optional: Select Auto tag by.

    Note This feature is available on the Premium plan only. To use this feature, please visit Auto-tagging Rules & Country-specific Pricing (Premium) for instructions.

  6. Enter a Description.
  7. Optional: Select Apply discount storewide.
  8. Select Save.

If you are on the basic plan in Custom Pricing you need to add the tag manually to your customer accounts within Shopify. To do this, please see the instructions below.



Edit or Delete a Customer Tag

  1. From within Custom Pricing, select Manage Tags.
  2. Select the ellipsis beside the tag you want to adjust, then choose Edit.
  3. Make your desired changes, then select the checkmark to save them. Select the x to cancel the changes, or the trash can to delete the tag.



Apply a Customer Tag to a Customer Account

If you are not using the premium plan in Custom Pricing to auto-tag customers, you need to manually apply the appropriate tags to your customers' accounts.

  1. From the Shopify admin, select Customers.
  2. Enter a Customer name in the search bar, then select their name.
  3. In the Tags field, enter the Customer Pricing Tag.

    Note You must enter it exactly how it appears in Custom Pricing.

  4. Press Enter, then select Save.

    Note If you need to create a new customer account, you can assign the tag at the bottom of the New Customer screen.