Create, Edit, or Delete Customer Tags


Customer pricing tags allow you to control which of your customers will receive your wholesale discounts in Custom Pricing.

You're able to name the tag, set a discount percentage, and decide how taxes are charged. You can also create multiple tags to apply to different customer "tiers" and offer separate pricing discounts for certain groups of customers.

You can then apply these tags to specific customer accounts to provide them with their pricing discounts.

For steps on creating, editing or deleting a tag within Custom Pricing, please follow the steps below:

Create a Customer Tag:

  1. From within Custom Pricing, select Manage Tags.
  2. Enter a Tag.

    Note: Tags are case sensitive and must be entered the exact same between Custom Pricing and Shopify. For example, if the tag "VIP" is created in Custom Pricing, the tag must be entered into a customer's account in Shopify as "VIP" in order for the discounts from Custom Pricing to apply correctly.

  3. Enter a Discount % (optional).

    Note: Toggle the "Apply Storewide" switch to make this tag the default discount amount.

  4. Select to Charge Tax

    Note: You're able to select whether or not taxes are charged to these customers. 

  5. Select an Auto-tag rule (Premium version only).
  6. Enter a Description.
  7. Select Apply discount storewide (optional).

    Note: This feature is only available on Draft Orders Method and Accelerated Draft Orders Method

  8. Select Save.

Edit/Delete a Customer Tag:

  1. From within Custom Pricing, select Manage Tags from the left-hand menu.
  2. Select the ellipsis beside the tag you want to adjust, then choose Edit.
  3. Make your desired changes, then select the checkmark to save them. Select the x to cancel the changes, or the trash can to delete the tag.

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