Set up Auto-Tagging Rules


Your customer pricing tags and product pricing groups should be set-up before continuing with this guide.


With Custom Pricing Premium you can set up rules that will automatically apply a tag when certain conditions are met.

You can set up history-based auto-tagging rules using the number of orders made, or amount of money spent. This is based on that account's purchase history in your Shopify store.

New customers, with a customer account and no previous tags, will be auto-tagged once their account meets the conditions you have set up.

Rule Types

There are currently 3 types of auto-tagging rules:

  • By History: The amount you enter in the tag settings will be compared against the customer's total amount spent. If they meet or exceed that amount, their account will be tagged with the corresponding customer tag.
  • By Product: When a customer purchases the selected product, their account will be tagged. However, it's worth noting that they will not receive their discount on this order, if it is the first time they are purchasing the product. The tag is only added after the initial purchase is made.
  • By Country: The customer will be tagged based on the address they enter for their customer account. Please visit Set up Country Specific Pricing for steps on setting up location auto-tagging. 

Auto-tag rules can be ranked by priority. If the new tag ranks higher than the older one, the new one will replace the older tag. If the new tag ranks lower than the old tag, the new tag doesn't get applied.


To set up auto-tagging rules, please follow these steps.

  1. From within Custom Pricing, select Manage Tags.
  2. Select the edit button beside your desired tag.
  3. Under the "Auto-Tagging Rules" column, select By History.

    Note: You can also select By Product or By Country for your auto-tagging rules.

  4. Select Modify.
  5. Select the condition

    Note: You can set up history-based auto-tagging rules using the number of orders made, or amount of money spent.

  6. Select is equal to, is less than or is greater than.
  7. Enter a Dollar amount or Order Amount.
  8. Select the plus symbol.
  9. Repeat Steps 5 - 10 until all your conditions are satisfied for this tag.
  10. Select Done.
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