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Subscription Discounts (Standard & Dynamic) in Bold Subscriptions V1

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Bold Subscriptions V1 allows you to create a variety of different discounts, including "subscribe & save" discounts that automatically apply a percentage-based discount to your customer's subscription purchase. This feature can be used to reduce churn by providing your customers a larger discount after a specific amount of orders have been successfully processed.

You can manage these types of discounts while editing or creating a subscription group, under Step 4: Offer a Discount.

As seen below, this type of discount gives you the ability to either apply the same discount to all of your customer's orders, or apply a dynamic discount that automatically converts to a different percentage for the recurring portion of a customer's subscription.

Bold Subscriptions Discount option

These discounts are directly applied to the Shopify product price that has been set in the Shopify admin, and are only compatible with the Single Product and Multiple Products cart modes.



Discounts created through Bold Subscriptions V1 can be used in many different ways. If you would like to discuss all of the possibilities that can work for you and your store, please contact our Customer Success Team for further assistance.



Free trials

If you are looking to offer a free trial for your subscription products, you can set the initial discount to 100% by selecting Offer different discounts on initial and recurring orders.

With Offer different discounts on initial and recurring orders, your customer will only be required to pay for the shipping on their first order. The discount can only be applied to the subscription product - not the cost of shipping.



Reduce churn and reward your loyal subscribers

Offering a discount that converts to a higher discount helps prevent churn by encouraging customers to stay subscribed. With this option, you can reward your customers for subscribing longer while minimizing cancellations.


Offering customers a 5% discount to subscribe that converts to 20% off after their first few initial orders.

Offering customers a 10% discount to subscribe that converts to 25% off after their first few initial orders.

Offering customers a 15% discount to subscribe that converts to 30% off after their first few initial orders.



Promotional offers

Are you just launching your subscription business or are promoting a sale? You can use Bold Subscriptions V1 to offer a sale price on the initial order that converts to a smaller discount, or no discount, on the recurring portion of a customer's subscription.

It is important to note, however, that if your customer skips an order, the skipped order will not count towards their discounted order total.

The discount will still be applied to the customer's account, but the customer will only receive the discount when their orders resume processing.


If your product is $100 and you offer a $10.00 discount on all of the products within this subscription group, your customer will see that they can subscribe and get this product for $90.00 instead of $100.00.

Subscription Discount Example



Editing discounted products

Bold Subscriptions V1 creates internal, automated actions whenever dynamic discounts are used. The app restricts the following functionalities and actions when you are editing a customer's subscription:

  • Product Swap.
  • Adding products to a subscription.
  • Adjusting the subscription quantity.
  • Changing the subscription product pricing.

When a customer attempts to adjust their subscription while subscribed to a discounted product, the following alert will appear: "An automatic update is pending for this subscription. Until the update happens, products and prices for future orders may be inaccurate."

You may remove this message from the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin by following the steps below.

  1. From the Bold Subscriptions V1 admin, select Customers.
  2. Select Edit beside the customer you want to adjust.
  3. Select Remove selected transformation.

Once this is done, your subscribers will be able to freely manage their subscriptions again and you will see a small alert icon within the Customers section of the app admin, as seen below.

Select Alert in Bold Subscriptions

This icon indicates that the customer is not able to make adjustments to their subscription until the dynamic discount is complete. This can be removed by selecting the Alert icon, then selecting Remove.