Subscriptions Discounts (Standard & Dynamic)


Please note that this article only relates to Version 1 of Bold Subscriptions. If you have Version 2 of Bold Subscriptions installed on your store, please visit Subscriptions V2 Overview.

If you are unsure of which version of Bold Subscriptions that you have currently installed, please visit Bold Subscriptions V1 & V2 Comparison.


When creating discounts in Bold Subscriptions V1, you will have two different options when offering these discounts on your subscription products. These options can be found when creating/editing your subscriptions, or through the Subscriptions > Discount Codes area of this app.

Standard Discounts allow you to create "Subscribe and Save" style discounts, and offers a percentage savings for subscribing rather than opting for a one-time purchase for the product. This discount option is only compatible with stores operating in Single or Multiple products cart mode, and offers a great incentive to encourage your customers to subscribe to your products.

This option can be found within Step 4: Offer a Discount when editing or creating a subscription group.

Bold Subscriptions Discount option

This area above offers you the ability to apply the same discount on all orders, or to offer a dynamic discount that automatically switches to a different amount saved on future subscriptions.

There are many different scenarios where this discount style can be used to offer unique promotions. For stores looking to reduce churn, you can use this feature to provide a larger discount after a specific number of orders have passed.

This feature will discount the listed Shopify product price for any product in the subscription group.

For example, if your product is $100, and you offer a $10 discount on all goods within this subscription group. Your customer will see that they can subscribe to the product and get it for $90 instead of $100.

Subscription Discount Example



Discounts through Subscriptions can be used in many different ways. If you would like to discuss all the possibilities that may work for your store, please contact our Merchant Success Team for further assistance.

Offer Free Trials

If you are looking to offer free trials on your subscription products, you are able to set the initial discount to 100% off by selecting the Offer different discounts on initial and recurring orders. With this feature, you are also able to input a lower percentage discount after the first order. Your customer will only be required to pay for the shipping for their first order (as the discount is only able to apply to the subscription product, and not the shipping rate.)

Reduce Churn and Reward Loyal Subscribers

Offer a lower discount on initial orders, and a larger discount after a specified number of orders have passed. With this option, you are rewarding customers for subscribing longer, and also reducing cancellations.

This would be completed by offering an initial discount, but increasing the discount at a specified number of orders. For example, 10% for subscribing which adjusts to 20% after the 5th order.

Promotional Offers

For stores that are just launching subscriptions, or are promoting a sale - you are able to offer a sale price on the initial order, and revert all the recurring subscription orders to charge at regular price. 

Note: If your customers skip an order on their store, then it will not count towards their orders to be discounted. It will still apply the appropriate discounts once the order is resumed.



Edit Discounted Products

Bold Subscriptions V1 creates internal automated actions when dynamic discounts are used. It restricts certain functionality when editing the customer's subscription by default. Those functions include Product Swap, Adding Products, adjusting the quantity, and changing the subscriptions product pricing.

There will be a small alert item that appears for your customers which explains that "an automatic update is pending for this subscription. Until the update happens, products and prices for future orders may be inaccurate.

Removing this message can be done by going to the Customers tab, pressing Edit on your customers, and Remove selected transformations. Once the discounts have been complete, your subscribers will be able to freely manage their subscriptions again.

When this is active, you will see a small alert icon within the Customers tab:

Select Alert in Bold Subscriptions

This icon indicates that this customer is unable to make adjustments until their dynamic discount is complete. This can be removed by selecting the Alert icon, and then selecting Remove.

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