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Please note that this article only relates to Version 1 of Bold Subscriptions. Please visit Bold Subscriptions V1 & V2 Comparison for more information on determining which version of Bold Subscriptions you are currently on.


Bold Subscriptions' V1 Buy Button is a feature that is used to send customers directly to the Subscriptions checkout with a single subscription product set to a pre-selected frequency.

Buy Buttons are often used by users in scenarios where you want to include a button that directly adds a set product to the checkout page on a set frequency. This allows for a quick and easy button that can be inserted anywhere that accepts HTML code and in result, can help with driving subscription sales. 

Buy Buttons are available on both the Essentials and the Advanced tier in Bold Subscriptions V1. 

Click here to check out a live example of a Bold Subscriptions V1 Buy Button.




After a Buy Button has been created in Bold Subscriptions V1, you can use Buy Buttons to:

  • Sell your subscription products on external websites like WordPress, Squarespace, partner blogs, or wherever your Shopify store has an online presence.
  • Create unique marketing content like marketing emails and promotional content that focus on a single subscription product.
  • Link customers directly from custom Shopify hosted pages to reduce the steps to check out. Like subscription landing pages, selectable buttons, etc.

Another perfect example of a Buy Button is applying the button in an automated marketing email. The Buy Button is created from Bold Subscriptions V1 using HTML coding, which means you can apply the Buy Button to any page that can insert HTML code, such as an email.

The Buy Button can also be styled using CSS code to match your store's theme style. Please visit W3 Schools - CSS for further assistance with CSS coding.




Bold Subscriptions' V1 cart mode must be set to either Single Product or Multiple Product mode in order to create a Buy Button. This feature requires the product to be inside an active subscription group, which is not a feature of the Recurring Cart mode.




Buy Buttons are not compatible with the following Subscriptions features:

  • Recurring Cart mode
  • Build-a-Box subscriptions
  • Refersion affiliate URL/link tracking

Customers cannot choose the subscription frequency or purchase other items along with the Buy Button product. This feature bypasses the Shopify cart which does not allow for a combination of items to be purchased at once.

Editing a subscription group's prepaid settings will not update the related Buy Button automatically. The prepaid settings that were in effect when the Buy Button was created will remain.

Buy Button links can only be deactivated by deleting the subscription group containing the Buy Button product. You can recreate the subscription group if necessary.

Note: A deactivated Buy Button link can be selected by a customer, but if the subscription group has been successfully deleted, it will redirect them to your Shopify store home page.




To get started with creating a Buy Button in Bold Subscriptions V1, please follow these steps:

  1. From within Bold Subscriptions V1, select Subscriptions, then Create Buy Button.
  2. Choose Select Product.
  3. Select Add next to the product for which you would like to have a Buy Button.

    Note: Only products inside an active subscription group will be in the product selector. 

  4. Select Continue with selected products.
  5. Under "Orders will generate every", select a Number and Interval (if applicable).

    Note: The options available for this subscription product are based on your existing subscription group settings.

    Subscription Group Intervals

  6. Select Generate Button Code.
  7. Select an implementation method:
    • Copy URL for creating this subscription will only copy the URL itself, not the generated button to accompany it.

      Copy Link of Buy Button

    • Copy code to clipboard will copy the entire contents of the gray box. This HTML can be inserted into the source code of any web page, and it will look like a button out of the box.

      Copy Buy Button Code

Next Steps:

  • After a Buy Button has been created and the code or URL has been copied from within Bold Subscriptions V1, place the code or link in a source that accepts HTML in order to have the Buy Button link or button appear.
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