Zapier & Bold Subscriptions Integration


Zapier is an app that gives you the flexibility to create your own custom webhooks, and then apply them to Bold Subscriptions. More information on the Subscriptions Custom flow to create these webhooks can be found on our Developers Portal. Once you have an account with Zapier, you can begin with this integration.

For more information on signing up for an account, visit Zapier's website.

With Zapier, you will be creating "zaps" that pass information from your Subscription events through to other channels.

We recommend keeping your Shopify store admin open in another tab while working on this guide. There are a few steps that require you to switch between Zapier and Bold Subscription's admins.

Set up

To integrate Zapier with Subscriptions, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Zapier's homepage.
  2. Select Log In.
  3. Select Make a Zap!
  4. Select Webhooks.
  5. Select Catch Hook.
  6. Select Save + Continue.
  7. Select Copy on the URL within this area.
  8. From Shopify's admin, open Bold Subscriptions.
  9. Select Integrations, then Webhooks.
  10. Select Add Webhook.
  11. Under "Enter your Zapier webhook URL", paste the URL you copied in Step #7.
  12. Select the event you would like to track.

    Note: We strongly recommend selecting one event per webhook. Selecting multiple events for one webhook can result in receiving confusing and/or conflicting information from the hook.

  13. Select Continue.
  14. Select the ellipsis beside your webhook.
  15. Select Test webhook notifications.
  16. Select Send notification.

    Note: The screen should indicate that this action was performed successfully. Navigate back to your Zapier tab once this has been completed.

  17. From Zapier's admin, select Ok, I did this.

    Note: It may take a few seconds for Zapier to retrieve this test data correctly.

  18. Select Continue.
  19. Select Add a Step.


  20. Select SMS.

    Note: The example we're creating in this guide will send an SMS to you whenever a customer creates a new subscription. However, Zapier supports many different webhook integrations. Please visit Webhooks Integrations (links to Zapier) for more information. Some Zapier integrations have limits on traffic which may require you to build a custom webhooks solution.

  21. Select Save + Continue.
  22. Select Connect an Account.
  23. Enter your mobile number, and SMS, then select Send PIN.
  24. Select Continue.

    Note: You can select Test to verify that your account has been set up correctly.

  25. Select the From Number, and enter a message.
  26. Select Continue.
  27. Select Send Test To SMS by Zapier.

    Note: Zapier will display a confirmation banner if the test was successful.

  28. Select Test & Review or Test & Continue.
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