Bold Subscriptions Pricing and Transaction Fees

There are two price plans currently available in version 1 of Bold Subscriptions: Essentials and Advanced.

Both of these plans include a monthly app fee billed through Shopify, as well as a 1.0% transaction fee on each order made via the checkout.

Bold Subscriptions V1 is PCI compliant, uses industry-leading encryption techniques, and processes all personal information securely. Please visit our Security and PCI Compliance Guideline article for more information on how we protect your store.


Please note that this article only relates to Version 1 of Bold Subscriptions. If you have Version 2 of Bold Subscriptions installed on your store, please visit Subscriptions V2 Overview.

If you are unsure of which version of Bold Subscriptions that you have currently installed, please visit Bold Subscriptions V1 & V2 Comparison.



Shopify will email the store owner a bill once every 30 days.

Bold Subscriptions' monthly app charges are included on these invoice, and can be viewed anytime within the Billing page of the Shopify admin.

Bold Subscriptions charges a 1.0% transaction fee on every order processed through the checkout. This fee is not be applied to one-time orders, or orders processed through the Shopify checkout.

Shopify transaction fees do not apply to purchases made through the checkout.


If you receive a high volume of orders, you may be eligible for alternate pricing on an Enterprise store plan. To receive a quote, please open a support ticket.

Subscription transaction fees differ with every payment processor.




When using Stripe, Bold's 1.0% transaction fees will be taken off before your revenue is deposited into your bank account.

Revenue you receive every month is the total after all of the fees have been taken off.



Braintree & All Other Supported Gateways

When using Braintree and all other supported payment gateways, you are required to select a credit card for our transaction fees.

You will be charged these fees after your revenue has already been deposited into your account. This occurs on a weekly basis.



Update the Credit Card Used for Transaction Fees

  1. From the Shopify Admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Subscriptions V1.
  3. Select Settings, then Payment Gateway.
  4. Select Update Credit Card.
    Update Credit Card for the Payment Gateway
  5. Select Change Card.
  6. Enter your credit card details.
  7. Select Update.
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