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Customer Facing Features Overview

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Bold Subscriptions V1 is packed with features to help with your inventory management, tracking, and adjustments.

These help with your inventory reporting and analytics, as well as managing your customer's cancellations.



Shopify account settings

When customers purchase your products as subscriptions, they can do so as a guest or while logged into their Shopify customer account.

While customers do not need to be logged in to place a subscription order, they must have a Shopify customer account on your store in order to access their Manage Subscription Page. The Manage Subscription Page is where they can manage their subscriptions, including cancelling, adding products, adjusting quantities, and more.

We recommend to enable Shopify's classic customer accounts on your store. Please visit Shopify Account Settings for more information.



Buy Button feature

Bold Subscriptions V1 allows you to create Buy Buttons. Buy Buttons are links that, when clicked, bring your customers straight to the recurring checkout with their subscription product.

Buy Buttons are often used in scenarios where you want to offer a product with a set frequency, or if you sell products on other platforms (WordPress, etc). This type of button can be placed into any webpage that accepts HTML code.

Please visit Buy Button Feature for more information.



Manage Subscription Page

The Manage Subscription Page is an area where your customers can manage their subscription orders, including making adjustments to:

  • Billing information
  • Subscription intervals
  • Product quantities
  • Subscription status (pausing / cancelling)

This area of your store is fully customizable, and can be managed from within the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin under General Settings and Language Settings.

Please visit Manage Subscriptions Page for more information.



Subscription management (merchant perspective)

Bold Subscriptions V1 offers a robust order management system that allows you to manage each individual subscriber directly from the app admin.

From the app admin, you can view and edit your customer's subscription details, review your customer's billing and shipping details, cancel or pause a customer's order, and view or edit your customer's next order date(s).

Please visit Subscription Management: Merchant Perspective for more information.



Subscription management (customer perspective)

Once a customer has purchased a subscription while logged into your store with a Shopify customer account, they are able to view and access the Manage Subscription Page.

Please visit Subscription Management: Customer Perspective for more information.