Bold Discounts PRE Functionality FAQs


This guide answers several common questions in regards to functionality with Bold Discounts PRE.

Here's the questions that are covered in this article:

  • Can I create a Buy/Get type discount using Bold Discounts PRE?
  • Can I create discount codes or use automatic discount codes when using Bold Discounts PRE?
  • Can I run sales on a specific variant?
  • Can I set shipping rates that only apply to products that are discounted via Bold Discounts PRE?
  • How fast does the app discount my products?
  • What are the benefits and limitations of using this app?
  • What happens if a product is in multiple sales?
  • Why are my products discounted on the store but not in my admin?
  • Why are the products I just added to my collection not on sale?
  • Will my discounts work on other sales channels?
  • Will Shopify's dynamic "Buy Now" buttons work with Bold Discounts PRE?

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No, Buy/Get type discounts cannot be created in Bold Discounts PRE.

Buy/Get type discounts can be created via Bold Bundles on the premium plan. Please visit Bold Bundles Information & Pricing for more information on how this feature works!

No, discount codes cannot be created in Bold Discounts PRE at this time. All discount codes will need to be created in your Shopify admin.

Automatic discount codes cannot be applied while a discount has been set on a product via Bold Discounts. The only way to allow stacking between automatic discount codes and discounts via Bold Discounts PRE is to enable the Admin Price Sync feature within Bold Discounts.

Yes, Discounts provides you with the flexibility of placing specific variants of a product on sale.

When creating your sales, you can select a hyperlink underneath your products to choose certain variants:

Select Hyperlink

Visit Create, Edit or Delete a Sale with Bold Discounts PRE for more information on how to create discounts in the app.

No, Bold Discounts PRE does not have built-in shipping rates at this time. The shipping rates that are set in the Shopify admin will be used when discounted products via Bold Discounts PRE are present in the checkout page.

Bold Discounts PRE is able to apply sales on the storefront at a rate of roughly 250 products per second. This means that a sale with roughly 3000 products in it should take about 12 seconds to go live on the storefront.

Discounts uses a connection with Shopify's order API to ensure that your customers are charged the correct price on the site. 

Note: If the Admin Price Sync setting is enabled, the backend prices on your store will take approximately 15 minutes per 250 variants to reflect the discounted price, however, the discounts will still be present on the storefront. 


This app version is currently incompatible with the following Bold apps:

Due to the way these apps adjust pricing on the storefront, they do not work correctly with Discounts. Our developers are working on a solution, and this article will be updated as these integrations are completed.

Discounts uses a connection with Shopify's draft orders to ensure your customers are always receiving the correct price for their discounted items.

Because of this functionality, unfortunately there could be conflicts with apps that either modify products with JavaScript, or use third-party checkout functions.


  • No variants are created.
  • Faster syncing than Version 1 of Bold Discounts PRE, allowing discounts to keep in sync with latest store prices.
  • More compatible with inventory management apps.
  • Follows Shopify's out of stock rules.
  • Discount groups can be turned on and off automatically using a start and end date.

Known Limitations:

  • Third-party checkout buttons (i.e. Amazon Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.) should be hidden on the cart page and only visible in the checkout.
  • Third-party checkouts will not work correctly with Bold Discounts PRE (except for Bold Cashier).
  • Most currency converters must be disabled before offering sales with Discounts.
  • Shopify discount codes will not work with Discounts while the Admin Price Sync feature is not enabled (this may be a benefit, depending on the sales you're offering).
  • Draft orders remain in your Shopify admin after a customer has checked out.
  • Will need to pause the app when importing or editing products in the Shopify admin to avoid incorrect pricing with products discounted via Bold Discounts PRE.

Discounts is integrated with our Bold Cashier app to provide you with the flexibility to use third-party checkout buttons and offer discount codes.

Visit Bold Discounts PRE Bold Integrations for more information on how to enable this integration.

Products that are apart of multiple sales at the same time will have the best discount applied to them.

Discounts reads which rules are being applied to a specific product and chooses the largest discount to apply for the customer.

  • Product A is $20
  • Product A is in both Discount A and Discount B
  • Discount A offers a 50% discount
  • Discount B is a $5-off sale
  • Product A would have Discount A's rules applied, as your customers would receive this item for $10 instead of $15 

Note: The following discount rules above apply to both storefront price and admin price syncs. 

Discounts applies its sales to your products on a cosmetic level and as a result, does not physically adjust your item prices within your Shopify admin.

Discounts will still charge your customers the correct sale price, as it uses a connection with Shopify's order API to ensure that this occurs on the site. 

If the Admin Price Sync setting is enabled, this feature has the ability to change the prices for products in your store's admin. Visit Bold Discounts PRE Information & Pricing for more information on how to enable this feature. 

Discounts is not currently able to dynamically add products to a collection that is already on sale.

If you add items to a collection that has an active discount, you need to edit the sale, reselect the collection, then save the sale.

Visit Create, Edit or Delete a Sale with Bold Discounts PRE for more information on how to adjust your sales. 

Discounts primarily works on the Online Store sales channel. Discounts that are activated in the app cannot be applied to other sales channels, such as Shopify POS, unless the Admin Price Sync feature is enabled.

The Admin Price Sync feature has the ability to change the prices for products in your store's admin which will change the price on other sales channels. Visit Bold Discounts PRE Information & Pricing for more information on how to enable this feature.

No. Dynamic "Buy Now" buttons on your product pages will skip the necessary "add to cart" functionality that Bold Discounts PRE requires when your customers add products to the checkout. This may cause orders to not receive the discount that is being applied via Bold Discounts PRE.
Dynamic Buy Now Button

To remove this button from your store, please follow the steps on the Dynamic Checkout Buttons on Shopify article.

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