Get Started with Bold Discounts

 Get Started Guide

Ready to get started with Bold Discounts? We've put together a guide that you can follow along with to get your new app set up.



Step 1: Install Discounts

Discounts does not require any liquid code to function on your site. The app works on a series of server calls to place your items on sale.

Discounts has optional code installations if you wish to display sales icons or a sales clock on your discounted products. There's also a duplicate & hide coding installation if you want to use Discounts with Bold Upsell to offer Buy One Get One deals on your site.

For steps on installing or requesting an install for these optional features on your theme, please visit Bold Discounts V1 Installation



Step 2: Create a Discount Group in Discounts

Creating discounts is how Discounts is able to place your products on sale. The app takes the list of products that you give to it and communicates with Shopify's servers to change the selling prices.

Please visit Create a Discount with Bold Discounts for steps on creating a discount in the app.

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