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Set up Bold Discounts

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Looking to get Bold Discounts set up and running? Follow this comprehensive step-by-step guide and be ready to start applying discounts to your products.



1. Install the Bold Discounts app on your store

To install Bold Discounts on your Shopify store, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Bold Discounts page in the Shopify app store.
  2. If it prompts you, enter your URL.
  3. Accept the App Permissions, then select Install App.
  4. Select Start Free Trial to approve the future monthly charges.

    If you have previously installed the app, a payment prompt is displayed to pay the first month's fee right away.

  5. Read through and accept the terms and conditions.



2. Install the Liquid code to your Shopify theme

Bold Discounts does not require a liquid code installation to discount products on your storefront, however, the following optional features in Bold Discounts requires a liquid code update to your theme:

  • Sales Icons - A sales icon can be applied to product images on collection pages and product pages for products that are in an active discount group in Bold Discounts.
  • Sales Clock - A sales clock can be applied to the product page of each product that is in an discount group with a start and end date.
  • Duplicate and Hide - Duplicates a live product assigned to a discount group, applies the discount to the duplicated product and hides the product from your storefront. This duplicated, hidden product can then be used as an offer product in an upsell or cross-sell offer in Bold Upsell. Please visit Bold Discounts Bold Integrations for more information on the integration between Bold Discounts and Bold Upsell.

There are two options for completing this installation on your store:

  • Expert Install - Have one of Bold's experts add the code to your store manually.
  • Manual Install - View our step-by-step guide to manually add all of the Bold Discounts code to your theme.

For more information on completing each step, please visit our Bold Discounts Install Instructions



3. Create a Sale

Sales are how Bold Discounts decides which products to place on sale, what the amount is, and when the sale ends.

You can set your discounts based on an amount or percentage off.

Visit Create a Discount with Bold Discounts for more information on how to set up a discount with the app.



4. Optional: Enable & Customize the Sales Icons and Sales Clock

Bold Discounts offers a series of icons that you can display on your product pages to highlight items that are on sale, as well as show a sales clock on your product pages to create a sense of urgency to your customers.

If you wish to use the sales icons and clocks from Bold Discounts, the necessary liquid code needs to be added to your theme. For more information on how to do this, please visit Bold Discounts Install Instructions if you haven't already installed the sales icon and/or sales clock code.

You're able to adjust the size of the icons, upload your own custom images and customize the display of the clock. Please visit Customize Sales Icons & Clock with Bold Discounts for more information on how to customize the sales icons and clock.