Bold Discounts Sales Icons & Clock Information & Overview


Bold Discounts offers a customizable sales clock and a sales icon to display on your storefront. 

When a product is placed in an active discount group that has a start and end date, a sales clock can be shown on the product page, home page or collection page. This clock can be used to express a sense of urgency to your customers in making a purchase. 

When a product is placed in an active discount group, Discounts also provides you with the ability to display icons on your products and allows you to use a custom image for your sales icons. 


When a discount group has been activated, the sales clock and icon will appear right away on the storefront. 

Here are a couple examples of products that are set in active discount groups that are using a sales clock and sales icon on the storefront from Discounts:  

Sales Icons Example

Sales Clock Example

The first example shows some products that are on an active discount and have a custom sales icon available in Discounts. The sales icon can be changed to match your theme's sales icons by linking the sales icon in the app. 

The second example shows a sales clock on the product page. The clock usually will be located near the product price, however, the clock location can be changed on the product page by moving the liquid code include for the sales clock in your theme's liquid code. 


There are multiple different sales clock displays that can be selected in Discounts to best fit your needs. Here are some examples of different sales clock displays that can be selected: 

  • Sale ends in 2 days, 2 hours, 0 minutes, 25 seconds
  • On Sale until Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 11:34:58 AM
  • Deal ends in 2d:1h:59m:55s
  • Special ends in 49 hours 59 minutes 45 seconds

Discounts also comes with 3 different sales icons pre-built into the app: 




If these sales icons do not fit your theme's style and would prefer to add your own icon, you can add your own sales icon in your theme's liquid code. 

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