Bold Discounts V1 Sales Icons & Clock FAQs

This guide answers several frequently asked questions in regards to the sales icons and clock functionality with Bold Discounts V1. Please select a question below to view the answer.



Yes. The clock style can be changed in Discounts V1 under Sales Clock by choosing another clock type. 

You can also apply CSS styling to the sales clock to change the font color or size. 


Visit W3 Schools - CSS for more information on CSS styling.

Yes. The sales icon placement can be adjusted by applying some CSS styling in the Discounts app under Sales Icon. 


Visit W3 Schools - CSS for more information on CSS styling.

No, the sales clock is tied to the product and has been designed to appear on the actual product page so it cannot display on the home or collection pages.

Discounts uses the product's ID information to determine if it's on sale or not, and the app is not able to read this information on the home or collection pages.


Bold Discounts PRE allows you to place the sales clock on the home page and collection page. Visit Bold Discounts V1 & PRE Comparison for more information in regards to both versions of Discounts and steps for switching the Discounts version.

No, the sales icon and clock can only be viewed on the storefront when a discount group has been activated in Bold Discounts V1.

When a discount group has been activated, the product price will change in your Shopify admin and reflect the discounted price on the storefront, along with the sales icon and sales clock, once the discount group has finished syncing.

As a workaround, we recommend creating a test product in your Shopify admin, place this test product in a discount group with a start and end date and activate the discount group. This will allow you to preview the sales icon and clock on the product page before you discount other products on your store.

Yes. You can override the sales icon that Discounts applies with your own icon.

Please visit Customize Sales Icons & Clock in Bold Discounts V1 for steps on adding your own sales icon in your theme's liquid code.

In most cases the sales icon can also be added to discounted products on the homepage as well. This would be done by applying the sales icon liquid code to the image code in your theme. 

Please visit Bold Discounts V1 Install Instructions for help with including the sales icon to images in a theme's liquid code.

No, the sales icon will only appear on the Online Store sales channel at this time.

The sales clock displays based on the meta-fields of the product. If the clock displays Sale is over, it means that the meta-fields of the product were not removed correctly.

The meta-fields can commonly be removed by re-enabling a discount group that has the product having the issue in the discount group, and then disabling the discount group.

If the text remains on the product page, please contact our Customer Success team for further assistance.

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