Bold Product Options & Subscriptions Integration


Using Bold Product Options on your store is a fantastic way to offer unique products to your customers, and a great way to get around Shopify's 100 variant limit. Options allows you to add additional costs and customizations to your products, and would add a personal touch to your Standard or Convertible Subscriptions.

This app creates line properties for your customers personalized selections that appear within the Bold Subscriptions orders made on your store. This information appears within both the Bold Subscription order, and the Manage Subscription page for your customer.

Using Options, you're able to receive additional information such as size, scent preferences, and even optional questions about your customers to better customize their Subscription.



To ensure that the Bold Product Options information carries over to Bold Subscriptions, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, Select Apps.

  2. Select Bold Subscriptions.

  3. Select Settings, then Display Settings.

  4. Select Checkout Page.

  5. Ensure that "Enable Line Item Properties Display" is enabled on your store.

  6. Select Save.

Once this setting is enabled on your store, your customers will be able to review their customized product within the Manage Subscription page. This information will also be viewable within both your Shopify Orders section, and the Subscription customers tab.

Using the "Add to Existing Subscription" Feature

The "Add to Existing Subscription" feature is compatible with line item properties as well. This allows a subscriber to add new products to be included in their existing subscription.

To complete this, your subscriber must be logged into their Shopify account on your store to see this option on the product page. You can usually locate this button beside the "Add to Cart" button on the product page, and allows your customers to add the customized product to their current subscription.

This feature is beneficial because once a Subscription is purchased with Bold Product Options attached, they are not able to be edited mid-subscription. The only way to change the selections would be to create a new subscription for that product. By adding the new subscription product to your customers order, and deleting the previous one - it ensures all the subscription information remains the same.

For more information on adding this feature to your store, please visit our Subscription Management article.

Known Limitations

At this time, the integration with Bold Subscriptions and Product Options is available on the Convertible, and Standard Subscriptions products. Build a box, custom subscriptions and prepaid options are currently incompatible as they offer multiple products, which would each require individual customizations and changes.

When using the "Add Products" feature in the Manage Subscription page, your customers will not be able to be prompted at that time to add customizations to their products. This is a known limitation through the app, as there is no form in this space to add the options information.

Priced options that are added to a subscription as a customization will be included in the discount that is offered for subscribing. For example, if a product is $50 with $50 of add-ons, then the discount would apply to the full $100 of the product.

When using these two apps together, we would recommend disabling the "Product Swap" feature, as it will be unable to add those customizable options when swapped.



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