Customization & Styling Overview


Bold Upsell allows you to fully customize the Upsell window by changing around the elements within the Upsell window, as well as adjusting the language of the buttons.

You can also customize the background color or the button colors within the Upsell window to match your theme's colors.

The main function of this section is to allow you to change the language of the buttons in the Upsell window, change the styling of the Upsell window using some custom CSS coding and add optional customizations to Bold Upsell's functionality, such as addling a loading message in the upsell pop-up window.

For more information on features that are included in this section, visit our Customizations in Bold UpsellCSS Styling (Coding Styling Options) and Bold Upsell Styling Settings.



Bold Upsell offers some optional customizations that can be applied onto the functionality of the app. Some of the optional customizations available can help with the performance of the Upsell window, while some of the other customizations may simply help align the Upsell pop-up window with your business needs. 

Learn more on how each optional customization can be applied to your store. 

Styling Upsell Window

You may notice that the Upsell window might be lacking some colors after first installing Upsell. Upsell will use your theme's font style in the Upsell modal, however, the theme colors will need to be added manually using CSS coding.

Almost everything can be changed in the Upsell window by applying custom CSS to the elements located in the Upsell window.

All styling for the Upsell window can be changed within Upsell under Settings > Upsell Settings > Custom Design.

Learn more on what styling changes can be made in the Upsell pop-up modal, and how the styling can be adjusted in Bold Upsell. 

If you are not familiar with CSS styling, please reach out to our Merchant Success Team for further assistance. 

Upsell Styling Settings

Bold Upsell allows you to change all the wording and language that is displayed in the Upsell window. Since all the language from our app populates in English by default, this gives you the freedom to make adjustments if your store displays in a different language on your storefront.

The language for the Upsell window can be changed within Upsell under Settings > Upsell Settings.

At this time, Upsell is only able to operate in one language. This means that the text and buttons would all have to be set to one language. Third party apps that change the language of text on the storefront does not work with Upsell, so it's important to change the language of the Upsell window to a language that most of your store traffic will be using.

Learn more on where the language for the text and buttons can be changed in Bold Upsell.

If you are having issues trying to change the language of a particular text or button in the Upsell window, please reach out to our Merchant Success Team for further review.

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