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Bold Discounts Bold Integrations

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Bold Discounts can be used alongside some other Bold products that are available on Shopify. In some cases, Discounts can function on the same store without any interference, in others, Discounts can offer increased functionality or discount stacking.

For a list of all apps that work with Discounts, please see the sections below.



Discounts & Bold Upsell

Discounts integrates with Bold Upsell to give you the ability to create Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offers on your site.

Discounts' Duplicate & Hide feature creates duplicate, discounted versions of your store's products that are hidden from the storefront. These hidden products can be offered exclusively through Upsell when certain conditions are met. This ensures that the items cannot be purchased on their own, and that the customer must qualify for the discounted item(s) first.

Upsell allows you to set conditions for when this product is offered. You can have the hidden discounted item(s) display when a specific product is added to the cart, when the customer is checking out with certain items, or when the customer's cart is within a defined price range.

For more information on creating a BOGO offer using Discounts and Upsell, please visit Discounts & Bold Upsell Integration.



Discounts & Bold Bundles

Note: Bundles V3 (Accelerated Draft Order method) is not compatible with Discounts. For more information on the discounting methods, please visit Discounting Methods & How to Switch in Bold Bundles.

Bold Bundles and Discounts work well together, however, Discounts applies discounts to both the product's regular price and the Bundle price.

For example, if you have an item that is $100 and have a Bundle and Save 10% sale, the price of the product is $90 when purchased in a bundle. If you also run a 20% off sale with Discounts, the sale price would then become $80, and the bundled price would discount the product an additional 10% to become $72. When the sale ends with Discounts, both the regular and bundled price returns to normal.



Discounts & Bold Custom Pricing

Alert: Bold Custom Pricing must be enabled in the Variant Dependant Method (Version 1) for this integration. Custom Pricing Version 2 and Version 3 are not compatible with Bold Discounts. Visit Discount Methods and How to Switch for more information on this method and how to switch.

Custom Pricing is compatible with Bold Discounts when the Custom Pricing discount method is set to the Variant Dependant Method (V1). This version creates hidden variants to represent wholesale discounts or quantity break discounts. These hidden variants replace the live variant when a customer is logged in with an account that is tagged with a tag created within the app, or when a customer has the added sufficient quantity to meet a quantity break goal.

When a discount group is created in Discounts, all of the variants that exist for a product, including the hidden variants, are discounted.

Note: When updating the discounts on products that are receiving discounts from both Custom Pricing and Bold Discounts, the discount group must be turned off in Bold Discounts first, before making any changes to the product in Custom Pricing.



Discounts & Bold Subscriptions V1

Discounts and Bold Subscriptions V1 do not have an official integration with each other, however, both apps can work alongside each other without any interference on the storefront.

When a product is added into an active discount group and a subscription group, the product is discounted within the Shopify admin by changing the product's price to reflect the discount from Discounts and a subscription option is available on the product page for customers to be able to subscribe to.

While both apps are compatible with each other, products that are receiving a discount are not linked between Discounts and Subscriptions when a customer purchases a discounted product as a subscription.

When a discount group is turned off in Discounts, the discounted price remains the same for all customers in Subscriptions. If you would like the discounted price for a product to revert back to the original price after the discount group has been turned off, you need to either change the price manually for each customer in Subscriptions, or use the Manage Pricing tool to change the product price for all active subscribers that have the product in question in an active subscription.



Discounts & Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout

Discounts and Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout do not have an official integration with each other, however, both apps can work alongside each other.

When a product is placed on sale in Discounts, the product is discounted in the Shopify admin, and the discount is reflected on the storefront. Your customers can subscribe to your product while it's on sale as long as it's available for subscription. However, once your customer subscribes to the product, a subscription contract is created, and they will continue to receive that product at the discounted price on all future orders — even after the sale is deactivated in Discounts. 

To revert the prices for your existing subscribers, you can use the Bulk Update tool to change the product price for your existing subscribers.