EasyShip & Bold Cashier Integration


With EasyShip, you are able to provide your customers with live shipping rates directly through the Cashier checkout. An account with EasyShip is required, as there you will be connected with a network of different shipping couriers.

All of your preferred shipping methods and rates can be input directly to EasyShip, which then can be integrated to your Bold Cashier app to make this process seamless.

If you are experiencing any troubles with this integration, or require any additional assistance with setting up your rates in the EasyShip app, please contact their support team.

Bold Integrations

Currently, there are some limitations between EasyShip and other apps that integrate with Bold Cashier. If you utilize any other Bold apps with Cashier, please review the following for additional information on how this will function on your store:


Bold Subscriptions

Shipping rates provided by EasyShip will be available for your customers' initial subscription order. Any orders beyond the first order will not be able to pull the rates from EasyShip, and will instead revert back to the shipping rates built into Cashier. 

It is recommended to have rates built into Cashier that can be used as backup rates for when this change occurs.

Bold Upsell

With this integration, your customers' shipping rates will be unable to be recalculated if an Upsell After Checkout offer is accepted. For more information on this feature, please visit our Upsell After Checkout Article.


Shipping rates in Multi-Currency will be unable to be converted into your customers' chosen currency. The shipping rate value will be the same, no matter what currency has been selected. 

For example, if your EasyShip rate is set to $5 CAD and your customers change the currency on your store to USD. The checkout will display the shipping rate of $5 USD, instead of the converted amount.


To set up EasyShip in Bold Cashier, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Cashier.
  3. Select Marketplace.
  4. Select Install on the "EasyShip" option.
  5. Select Allow
    Note: You will be redirected to EasyShip's site to create or login to your account.
  6. Enter your EasyShip login credentials or create an account.
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