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Use RRULES in Bold Subscriptions

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Within Bold Subscriptions, RRULES (recurrence rules) can be defined when a certain event recurs. This is generally used for calendars.

This can be created to be simple and define just an order frequency, or can be complex to define specific exceptions to rules. This allows you to customize exactly when your orders get created on your store.

An RRULE needs to have at least a frequency created within.


RRULES can be fairly complex. This feature is intended for advanced users who understand RRULES, and how to create an RRULES string.




Since creating RRULES is very specific to each store, our walkthrough is the general way to getting started with this feature. For information on creating your RRULE, please see the steps below:

  1. When creating your subscription group, select Show advanced options.
  2. Select the Custom RRULE frequency checkbox.
  3. Enter your RRULE string.

    Visit GitHub to see what days your subscription will run with this RRULE.

  4.  Select Save Frequency.



RRULE Examples

These examples focus on more complex RRULES:


Quarterly on a specific month

The subscription will recur once a quarter (March, June, September, December).



Irregular interval

The subscription recur at an irregular interval on specific months (every January, February, April, August, October and November).



Every month, on the 15th, unless it's the weekend

The subscription will recur every month on the 1st, unless the 15th lands on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If that happens, then it will recur the previous Thursday, which can be the 12, 13 or 14 of the month.