Cancellation Management in Bold Subscriptions

This article outlines how to setup and use Bold Subscriptions V1's cancellation management feature. If you instead need to uninstall one of our apps, please visit Uninstall an App from Your Store.

Bold Subscriptions V1 has built in cancellation management to help keep your customers subscribed and satisfied. This feature is available to your customers on the Manage Subscriptions Page.

Prepaid subscriptions are incompatible with the cancellation management flow if they are renewed or allowed to expire on their own, as customers must specifically cancel their subscription in order for this flow to be respected. Please visit Prepaid Subscriptions for more information.

You can find and manage your cancellation flow in the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin under Settings > Cancellation Flow.


Please note that this article only relates to Version 1 of Bold Subscriptions. If you have Version 2 of Bold Subscriptions installed on your store, please visit Subscriptions V2 Overview.

If you are unsure of which version of Bold Subscriptions that you have currently installed, please visit Bold Subscriptions V1 & V2 Comparison.



Setting up a cancellation flow is a great to reduce your customer's churn rate while keeping them happy and satisfied with their purchase.

If you decide to setup and use cancellation discount codes, you will need to insert a snippet of code into Shopify's Order Confirmation email template.

Please follow all of the steps below before using cancellation discount codes.



Setup for Shopify

This snippet of code will stack two coupon codes on top of each other.

  1. From the Shopify admin, select Settings.
  2. Select Notifications.
  3. Select Order confirmation.
  4. Find this section of code:

    Source Block

  5. Copy and paste the following snippet of code right above this line: {% if discount_application.target_selection == 'all' %}
    {% if attributes.cancellation-coupon-code == discount_application.title %}
    {% continue %}
    {% endif %}
  6. Find this section of code:

    Section of Code

  7. Copy and paste the following snippet of code right below this line: {% endfor %}
    {% if attributes.cancellation-coupon-code %}
    {% if attributes.cancellation-coupon-unformatted-amount %}
    {% assign cancellation_discount_amount = attributes.cancellation-coupon-unformatted-amount | times: 100.00 | minus: 0.00 | money %}
    {% endif %}
    <tr class="subtotal-line">
     <td class="subtotal-line__title">
     <span>Cancellation Discount</span>
     <span class="subtotal-line__discount">
     <img src="{{ 'notifications/discounttag.png' | shopify_asset_url }}" width="18" height="18" class="discount-tag-icon" />
     <span class="subtotal-line__discount-title">{{ attributes.cancellation-coupon-code }}</span>
     <td class="subtotal-line__value">
     <strong>{% unless attributes.cancellation-coupon-amount == 'Free Shipping' %}-{% endunless %}{{ cancellation_discount_amount | default: attributes.cancellation-coupon-amount }}</strong>
    {% endif %}
    {% assign cancellation_discounted_amount = attributes.cancellation-coupon-unformatted-amount | default: 0.00 | times: 100.0 | minus: 0.00 %}
  8. Find this section of code:

    Section Locate

  9. Copy and paste the following snippet of code overtop of this line: <strong>{{ subtotal_price | money }}</strong>
    {% if attributes.cancellation-coupon-is-cashier %}{{ subtotal_price | money }}
    {% else %}{{ subtotal_price | minus: cancellation_discounted_amount | money }}
    {% endif %}
  10. Find this section of code:

    Locate this Code Block

  11. Copy and paste the following snippet of code overtop of this line: <strong>{{ total_price | money_with_currency }}</strong>
    {% if attributes.cancellation-coupon-is-cashier %}{{ total_price | money_with_currency }}
    {% else %}{{ total_price | minus: cancellation_discounted_amount | money_with_currency }}
    {% endif %}
  12. Find this section of code:

    Locate this Code Block 5

  13. Copy and paste the following snippet of code overtop of this line: You saved <span class="total-discount--amount">{{ total_discounts | money }}</span>
    You saved <span class="total-discount--amount">{% if attributes.cancellation-coupon-is-cashier %}{{ total_discounts | money }}
    {% else %}{{ total_discounts | plus: cancellation_discounted_amount | money }}
    {% endif %}
  14. Select Save.



Setup for Bold Subscriptions V1

There are multiple ways this can be set up on your store. Please contact our Merchant Success team if you have any questions or concerns regarding this feature.

  1. From the Shopify admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Subscriptions V1.
  3. Select Settings, then Cancellation Flow.
  4. Select one of the 4 options. More information for each can be found below.
  5. Select Add a custom message above your cancellation reasons. (optional)
  6. Enter the custom message. (optional)
  7. Select Provide incentives for customers retention. (optional)
  8. Select Add a Reason.
  9. Select a custom reason.
  10. Under Response, select an option.
  11. Provide Custom Explanation Text. Please see our example below.
  12. Select Done Editing.
  13. Repeat these steps until you have entered all the reasons a customer may cancel.
  14. Select Save.



Bold Subscriptions V1 offers a variety of ways you can customize the cancellation experience for your customers:

  • Cancel their subscription
    • Customers can click a button to automatically cancel their subscription.
  • Ask them for a reason they want to cancel
    • Offer a way for your customers to provide feedback on their subscription experience, or use this to incentivize them to stay subscribed.
  • Provide them with special instructions
    • Write a message for your customers with instructions on how to cancel.
  • Don't show a cancel button
    • Your customers won't be able to cancel subscriptions on their own.

Only one of these options can be selected at a time.



Cancel their subscription

Selecting this option allows your customers to cancel their subscription from the Manage Subscriptions Page at any time.

Your customers will not be offered any solutions or information with this option, and their subscription will just end.



Ask them for a reason they want to cancel

Selecting this option allows you to create and offer multiple reasons why a customer may want to cancel, including discounts. A customer can still cancel with this option, but when offered an incentive, hopefully they won't!

Below are some example options that a customer can select:

  • Too expensive
  • Receiving products too often
  • Can't figure out how to swap product
  • Won't be home for next shipment
  • Can't figure out how to use the product
  • Need less product

You must provide a result for each selected option displays to your customer upon selection of this option.



Provide them with special instructions

This option is well suited for stores that would rather have customers contact them to cancel.

You can enter any text you see fit, as well as provide your contact details if you wish. This text will only display after a customer attempts to cancel.



Don't show a cancel button

This option is for stores that don't want to allow cancellations. When using this option, the button to cancel a subscription will not display for your customers on the Manage Subscriptions Page.

Using this option may result in customers contacting you more often, as you will then need to manually cancel the subscription on their behalf.



If you would like to offer more options to your customers, select Provide incentives for customer retention. When this option is not selected, your store will list the reasons why a customer is cancelling, but will not be provide any further options.

With this option, customers can select why they are cancelling, then cancel their subscription. This is recommended for stores that want a quick solution, as it will at least provide you a bit more insight as to why your customers are cancelling their subscriptions.

If you choose to provide an incentive, you can select Provide Offers and Discounts to offer special discount codes to customers who want to cancel. You can also Provide Custom Explanation Text which allows you to use rich text, HTML, images, and external links to better illustrate your cancellation management flow and / or incentives.

 Example 1

If you have a product that takes some setting up, you can link your customers to your store's help center when the option of This product is too hard to use is selected.

Create Option too hard to use

 Example 2

If you want to offer your customer a retention discount, select Don't cancel and save 10%.

You'll notice a cancellation discount / coupon code will be offered, as well as the ability for a customer to modify their order's quantity.

Provide Retention Discount



Note: Cancellation discount codes stack on top of other discounts. If your customer is already receiving a discount and they add the cancellation discount code, both discounts will be applied to their next order.

You can create and offer discount codes to your customers who are interested in cancelling their subscription(s).

When creating a discount code, there's an option to designate the code for cancellation purposes only. Creating a Cancellation Discount creates lists that can be used within the Offer these discounts section of the app's cancellation management feature.

Cancellation Discounts

Providing too many cancellation options for your customers can be confusing, however, so we recommend linking only one cancellation discount code per reason to limit your discount options.

Please visit Discount Codes Set-up & Types for more information on the different types of discount codes that Bold Subscriptions V1 uses.



You can change the language settings for the Manage Subscriptions Page cancellation window from the Bold Subscriptions V1 app admin under Settings > Language Settings > Wording for Recurring Orders Page.

Please visit Configuring the Language Settings in Bold Subscriptions for more information.

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