Connect a Payment Gateway to Bold Checkout


Bold Checkout offers integrations with different payment gateways to connect through the app. This step is required, as it will allow you to safely and securely capture your customers' payment information.

Each payment gateway has various benefits, and we strongly suggest investigating each gateway further to see which will best support your business. This includes the possibility of your customers using pre-paid credit cards, converting currencies, or fraud detection.

Certain payment gateways also have a list of restricted business, which is usually for stores that sell certain products with high chargeback rates. This is also something to consider when selecting a payment gateway.

Are you ready to connect a Payment Gateway to Bold Checkout?



Supported Payment Gateways

Below is the list of payment gateways that are currently integrated with Bold Checkout. To see which payment gateways will work best for your country, please see Spreedly - Payment Gateways by Country

Payment Gateways:

BrainTree & Paypal via Braintree
Checkout V2
Fat Zebra
MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MiGS)
Payflow Pro
QuickPay V10
Sage Pay
SecurePay Australia
USA ePay

Connecting your Payment Gateway to Checkout

To set up a payment gateway on your store, please follow these steps:

  1. Within BigCommerce's admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Checkout.
  3. Select Payment Options, then Payment Gateways.
  4. Select Connect Gateway next to the payment gateway you would like to set up.

    Note: Some payment gateways may redirect you to their site to complete the set-up process.

  5. Add the required Payment Gateway information (such as username, password, API token, etc)
  6. Select OK.

Please know that Bold recommends the payment gateways for Stripe or Braintree.

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