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This article is specific to Bold Cashier on Shopify. If your store is using Bold Checkout, please visit the articles relevant for BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or commercetools, here.


When Bold Cashier is installed on your Shopify store, you will have the options to set your own tax rates, use Cashier's calculated rates, or integrate 3rd party tax services (TaxJar) to your store.

This article will go over the different methods that your store can use to ensure tax is charged correctly, and in a way that is aligned with your business model.




When setting up your tax settings, there will two options that you can choose from that significantly change how these charges appear on your store. They are as follows:

Tax is Included

With this setting enabled, taxes will be included in your product prices. This means that tax will be calculated within the checkout, but will not be added to the product price.

If this setting is turned off, then taxes will be added to the total order cost within the checkout. This is the default.

Tax on shipping

This setting changes whether or not you charge extra taxes on shipping. These will be broken down underneath the Shipping in the order confirmation sent to your customers.



Custom Tax Rates

When creating a custom tax zone, the percentage that you place within this section will be used to calculate shipping. Each country you want to charge taxes in will need to be specified in a tax zone, or have it's own tax zone.



Cashier Tax Settings

Using Bold Cashier as a Tax Provider means that our app will find the correct tax rates depending on the Warehouse that is currently set up on your store. Cashier can only automatically calculate your taxes in the USA and Canada.

It's important to note that as a general rule of thumb, taxes will only need to be charged in areas that your store has a presence (usually a nexus or warehouse). However, there may be laws specific to the zone that require you to charge taxes in additional areas.

For Cashier to automatically calculate the taxes, there needs to be a warehouse. The warehouse address must be a real address, but it doesn't need to necessarily be your store's address.

An example of the above is if your store has a warehouse in New York, USA. If a customer from New York makes a purchase on your store, they will be charged state and county tax (if applicable).

When customers from Seattle or Canada make a purchase, they will not get charged any tax.



TaxJar Integration

Currently Bold Cashier has an integration with TaxJar. Merchants are able to use their TaxJar settings to determine the tax that gets charged to your customers.

Please note that TaxJar is unable to charge product specific tax rates.

For more information on this integration, please see our TaxJar & Cashier integration article.




The tax in Europe is called VAT (Value Added Tax). There are quite a few regulations with VAT, but we have some answers to frequently asked questions regarding this tax, below:


At this time, the taxes that are charged within your stores checkout are unable to be removed depending on the customer's country. This means that if VAT taxes are currently set up on your store, it will have to be a default charge on all orders.

One way to resolve this would be to change the Tax Settings for your store so that the tax is added to the price of the item. This way, customers will get charged their taxes within your stores Checkout. You could add other apps to your store that will display included tax prices on the product page (which will need to be tested if you also use Bold Multi-Currency).

The Bold Cashier app is also unable to exempt specific customers on your store from being charged taxes. You will need to use our Bold Custom Pricing app to exempt tagged customers from being charged taxes.




When using the Bold Tax Service with Cashier, taxes are calculated based on your stores Warehouse location. This is specifically for stores based out of Canada, or the United States.

To set up your tax settings in Cashier, please follow these steps:

  1. From the Shopify admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Cashier.
  3. Select Payment Options, then Tax Settings.
  4. Under Charge Settings, select:
    • Include taxes in the price of my products; and/or
    • Add taxes to shipping cost.

      Note: Enabling Include taxes in the price of my products means that your products are already inclusive of tax. Your customers will not be charged tax on top of the cost of your items.

  5. Select Create With Presets or Create Custom Zone.
    • Create With Presets - Allows you to select predetermined tax rates on a per country basis, then save the group as a whole.

      Select Presets

    • Create Custom Zone - Allows you to set custom tax rates for a single or group of countries.

      Note: Selecting Cashier on the Choose your tax provider option will automatically pull the most up to date tax rates we have for the selected countries.

      Create Custom

  6. Beside the TaxJar option, select Connect. (optional)

    Note: Visit our TaxJar & Cashier Integration for more information.

    Select Connect



Bold App Integrations/Limitations

  • Custom Pricing: Custom Pricing can exempt customers from taxes by changing the Tax setting for a tag created within the app to No

  • All other Bold apps/integrations work with Cashier’s taxes.

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