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Bold Subscriptions Pro paired with Bold Checkout provides your store with the ability to offer products to your customers on a recurring basis. This integration is required, and will ensure that subscription orders are correctly processed to your store.

This app is also packed with features, such as the ability to send email notifications, allow you and your customers to completely manage their own subscriptions, and to offer built-in subscription discounts.

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In order for Bold Subscriptions Pro to work properly on your store, it requires the integration with our Checkout app. This helps with ensuring that the Subscription widget appears correctly on your product pages, and that your customers are taken correctly to our Bold Checkout.

In order for Subscription orders to be processed correctly, they will be required to go through the Bold built-in checkout. To get started, please visit our Bold Checkout page for more information.

To install Bold Subscriptions Pro to your BigCommerce store, please visit our Subscriptions app page and select "Install App".

Once these apps are installed to your BigCommerce store, it will require an Install for Checkout Scripts within the Account Pages.



Price Plan

Currently, Bold Subscriptions Pro has a monthly fee of $39.99, with a 1% transaction fee that applies to orders that go through the Bold Checkout.

This plan includes all of the following perks, below:

Feature Essentials
Price per month

+1% Transaction Fee

Offering Standard Subscriptions

Analytic Tracking

Customizable Email Notifications

Subscription Discounts

API Access


Customer-managed Subscription portal

Bold Checkout Integration


Reduce voluntary and involuntary Churn


Set up Fixed Shipping Rates


Visit Pricing and Transaction fees for more information on Bold Subscription Pro's billing.




Bold Subscriptions Pro provides a powerful, API-driven customization options to build and scale a subscription service that fits your business. Tailor your setup, checkout flow, and customer portal for a one-of-a-kind subscription experience to drive dependable recurring revenue.

We want to help you get the most from Bold Subscriptions Pro. Here are some great features that come built in:

Custom Subscription Boxes

Set up your subscriptions exactly how you want for your subscribers. API's and webhooks can be used to design a branded experience for your customers that spreads across your product pages, checkout, and customer portal.

Create, customize and build your own unique subscription offerings. This includes build-a-box, monthly clubs, memberships, rentals and more.

Total Customer Control

Allow your customers to completely manage their own orders by editing, skipping, or cancelling their subscription. This feature additionally allows your customers to change their payment methods, and update their delivery dates for their orders. This is all completed through the Manage Subscription Page.

Built-in Discounts

Discounts can be offered on your Subscriptions to increase conversion rates on your store. This is displayed as "Subscribe & Save!" offers for your customers.

Email Notifications

Your store will have the ability to create automatic and personalized emails to be sent to your customers when any changes occur to their subscriptions. This is created with our in-app email editor.

Analytic Information & Data Exports

Use real-time analytics and reporting to track performance and inform optimization. This includes seeing future orders, tracking products, and reviewing the revenue being generated by current and future subscription orders.

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