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Place a Test Order in Bold Checkout

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Once Bold Checkout is fully setup, we highly recommend placing a test order to ensure everything is functioning properly for your customers.

Testing can be done once you enable Bold Checkout's development mode, which allows you to process test orders through a "dummy" payment gateway. Bold Checkout's development mode won't charge anything against your credit cards - it's a great way to check out your checkout and familiarize yourself with the process.

Placing a test order while connected to a real payment gateway account will charge you for the full order, which you'll need to refund afterwards.

This article is relevant to Bold Checkout on BigCommerce. Please visit the articles relevant for Shopify or commercetools.



Enable Development Mode in Checkout

  1. From the BigCommerce admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Checkout.
  3. Select Payment Options, then Payment Gateways.
  4. Select the toggle to enable Development Mode.

    Note: Disable this when you'd Bold Checkout to go live again.

  5. Once Development mode has been enabled, you can proceed with placing a test order.



Place a Test Order

  1. From your storefront, add products to your cart.
  2. Select Checkout.
  3. Ensure the URL in the address bar now begins with

    Cashier URL Example

  4. Proceed through the Checkoutand enter your Customer Information or Log in.
  5. Enter the following Test Payment Card information:
    Card Type Good Card Number Failed/Declined Card Number
    Visa 4111 1111 1111 1111 4012 8888 8888 1881
  6. Select Complete Order.
  7.  From the BigCommerce admin, select Apps after receiving the Order Confirmation Email.
  8. Select Bold Checkout.
  9. Select Orders, then All Orders.
  10. Ensure the order you placed appears here as Captured.

    Checkout Test Order Page